Best Preschool and Childcare in Sandy Springs (USA)

Do you know what are best Preschools and Childcares in Sandy Springs? Are you trying to put your children in best preschool?

To get to know which are the best one’s you need to checkout many schools and then find out which one is great. But we did it for you. Yes, we enlisted all the Preschools in Sandy Springs and selected the best one’s to you :

Preschool and Childcare are the places where children learn about the outer world. Until then they are settled in the house with limited family but when they join the Preschool they get to know about many other relations by both social and emotional means.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Sandy Springs (USA)

1. The Legacy Childhood Preschool

The Legacy Childhood Preschool is a brainchild of many teachers who are trying to enhance the best early childhood. According to them, Preschool is a place where children form first views of organized education and where parents care for their safety and health.

They offer multi sensory lessons who foaster the child individual growth. Camps are conducted on summers. Teachers are very friendly with children.

The Legacy Childhood Preschool mission is to create a school where children love to attend and parents and teachers never want to leave. All the safety measures are taken for the wellbeing of children.

  • Location- 6035 Sandy Springs Circle ,Sandy Springs, Georgia, 30328  USA
  • Contact – +1 404-255-8583

2. Primrose School of Sandy Springs

Primrose School of Sandy Springs has the best staff who are well trained and excited to spark the littlebulb moments of the children. Age groups who are eligible are infants, toddlers, early Preschool,  preschool, early kindergarten, after school and the summer adventure club.

They give best early education and provide the best childcare in the Sandy Springs. They begin the year with lessons that foster a sense of belonging and educate children that everyone are same.

In Primrose School they even created a Harmony-Heart program for children , because music creates best impacts in life. Music acts as best relaxation method. The school and staff are lots of fun and love to spend their time and knowledge with the children.

  • Location- 5188 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30342, United States
  • Contact- +1 470-685-1281

3. The Schiff School

The Schiff School is different from other schools because it has art rooms , beautiful outdoor garden, sanctuary and music in it. The curriculum of school focuses on literacy , physical development,  cognition , social and emotional growth.

The school provides both full day and half day programs. Extracurricular activities are implemented. As Extracurricular activities play a very important role in developing the brain activity this help children to be active.

Teachers are very interactive with the kids. They keep all their efforts to explain the little Miracles about everything. Healthy and safety measures are taken. Summer camps are conducted.

  • Location- 1580 Spalding Dr, Sandy Springs, GA 30350, United States
  • Contact- +1 618-372-3770

4. Roswell Road Kindercare

Roswell Road Kindercare has certified staff who are passionate about education and nurturing the children. The Kindercare strive to welcome a warm , welcoming and supportive classroom for children of all abilities and backgrounds.

The management says that they are proud of the industry leading health and safety measures they put in first place to protect the children and staff. Well structured curriculums are designed.

Children get very much time to explore themselves with the outer world. Teachers are much compassionate to educate the kids about everything. Parents are given all updates regularly about their children.

  • Location- 8095 Roswell Rd Ste B, Sandy Springs , GA 30350 , United States
  • Contact- +1 770-395-1227

After checkig out all the reviews by parents we found that these are few of the best Preschools and childcare in Sandy Springs.

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