Best Preschool and Childcare in Scottsdale (USA)

Little kids are worthy and eager to learn. Their brains function twice at the speed of adults, trying to find answers to many questions, discover lots of new things, activities, mannerisms and lessons. The tender brains ask and have a lot of questions, which Often leave the parents stumbled! If your child has started asking questions, show curiosity in learning new things or even if it is an infant, it is the Time to provide them with extra love, care, and the required nourishment for a strong foundation for the future. Preschools and child cares form the first step of education and cares that your child receives in their initial years. It is scientifically proven to be very important for the effective evaluation and growth of little kids.

If you live in Scottsdale, USA and are searching for a nurturing, comfortable and academically rich preschool or childcare for your children, then you are at the right place. Here we are listing some of the best preschools and child cares in Scottsdale and neighbouring areas wherein your child can learn and thrive in peace and harmony.

List of the best preschools and childcare-


Preschool and Childcare in Scottsdale (USA)

1. Scottsdale Childcare & Learning Centers

“Every Child is a special gift given by God”

This school functions in a very unique and different way from the conventional preschools or childcare. They create such an environment for your child where all of their precious gifts from God are encouraged and nurtured.  Academic importance is given, but a great emphasis is put on building the character, a positive personality of the child by instilling feelings of confidence, self-worth and self-esteem Which are some of the most important personality traits to survive in today’s fast-moving world.

The children are encouraged to make choices and decisions, do things independently, care for their friends and respect their elders.

Their programs include-

  • Infant program
  • Toddler program
  • Two’s preschool program
  • Three’s preschool
  • Pre-kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Summer camp

They also for various extracurricular activities like-

  • Music class
  • Cooking & Science
  • Tech kids
  • Gymnastics & Dance
  • Little Olympians Sports Program
  • Spanish Class
  • Monthly Parties, Volunteer Opportunities & Special Guests

Basic mannerisms and daily life activities are greatly emphasized in the school because preschool is certainly the first step, therefore it needs to focus more on building the child rather than already binding them into the shackles of education.

  • Contact- 480-860-9500
  • Location- 13831 N 94th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
  • Website-

2. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool

Serving Scottsdale and neighbouring areas since 1998,  Little Sunshine’s was a Playhouse, to begin with. But with their strong determination, passion and love for serving children and their parents, helped them to expand to a Preschool in the year 2002.

The school follows the Reggio Emilia approach, which guarantees an all-around development of your Child’s personality. The school’s curriculum has a number of engaging age-appropriate activities and subjects that ensure an all-around enhancement of the children’s personality.

Their educational programs include-

  • Infant Program
  • Toddler Program
  • Early Preschool Program
  • Preschool Program
  • Pre- Kindergarten Program

Their staff and teachers are highly professional and trained in Early Childhood Education. The school also priorities the safety, security and sanitization of the children as well as the school premises on a regular basis first stop.

  • Contact- 480-585-7000
  • Location- 20977 N Pima Rd #140, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States
  • Website-

3. McCormik Preschool

The school has been serving over the past 24 years. The school enables a very fun, creative and active learning atmosphere for the children so that they can enjoy their process of learning. This drive to provide an affordable childcare service to the parents.

Their programs include-

  • Infant/Toddlers Program
  • Pre-K Program
  • School Age Program
  • Summer Camp Program

Each and every child is encouraged to grow to their maximum potential to each appropriate curriculum and personalized attention to everyone.

  • Contact- 480-948-8566
  • Location- 6018 N Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, United States
  • Website-

4. WhizKidz Preschool

They are beautifully built humongous preschool which is designed to meet each and every need of your child. They provide the perfect environment, large playgrounds, well-equipped classrooms so that your child can learn in a flexible, safe and technically rich environment. They keep your children on a very safely camera secured premise and also keep the parents in check of their child’s daily activities.

Their classrooms are last big enough that promote a very free movement of the children, Well equipped with children’s tables and chairs, cupboards, beds, cradles, painting supplies, scientific experiment supplies, toys and lots others.

Their programs include-

  • Infant Program
  • Toddler Program
  • Preschool Program
  • Bright wheel
  • Fun Events

They also take care of the nutritional development of the children by providing healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Along with academic programs they offer a large number of cool curriculum and fun activities.

  • Contact- 480-999-0944
  • Location- 7214 E Jenan Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
  • Website-

5. Tutor Time of Scottsdale

They are a nationally accredited daycare that has been providing quality childcare and they are trusted by the families of Scottsdale and neighbouring areas since their years of operation. they have built trustworthiness for themselves for providing quality childcare to hardworking families. The combined experience of their staff in early childhood education is more than 80 years. They’re a cosy school that provides a homely atmosphere, love and comfort to the children in their journey of learning.

Their programs include-

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Tools
  • Early preschool
  • Preschool
  • Pre K
  • Junior Kindergarten
  • Private Kindergarten
  • Before and after school
  • Drop-in care
  • Electives
  • Spring break
  • Summer Camp
  • Grow Fit

They keep parents updated about their child activities through their family communication app, also the safety and security checks of the school.

  • Contact- 855-887-8945
  • Location- 11350 E Vía Linda, Scottsdale, AZ 85259, United States
  • Website-

6. Miss Molly’s Preschool

This is a locally owned preschool, which provides your child education and cares in a very home-like set-up so that your child does not miss out on the comfort and love of the home. The school emphasise is on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the child, provided various learning, discovery and innovative opportunities. Their curriculum is structured and designed in such a way so that the children and kept engaged in activities throughout the day but are not burdened or tired. The children are made to learn through fun activities.

They have a  carefully curated curriculum that nurtures each and every area of education- creative arts, fine and large motor skills, STEAM education, decor, calendar, social and communication skills and a lot more. They enrol children from the age of 3years old to 5 years old.

  • Contact- 480-678-5538
  • Location- 6426 N 85th Pl, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, United States
  • Website-

7. Peace of Mind Childcare

“A home away from Home”

Peace of Mind childcare will definitely bring you Peace of Mind through their extremely loving, caring and nurturing environment and highly educated and professional teaching staff.

The centre is very appealingly and decoratively created. The children won’t miss out on the comfort of their homes in this school. The school understands the parents concern about leaving their little kids alone in a new atmosphere, therefore they assure the parents regular updates throughout the day. Their curriculum and activities are designed in such a way so that it enables the children’s natural habit of exploring and discovering. They have music rooms, reading rooms come up play areas, arts and craft rooms and others.

The staff is CPR certified, have a combined experience of 20+ years and are professionals in the early childhood education field. They offer part-time, full time and drop-in care, as convenient to the parents.

  • Contact- 480-323-0990
  • Location- 12018 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
  • Website-

8. Little Kings & Queens Preschool

Little kings and Queens preschool strives to provide such a healthy, nurturing and safe environment to your children so that they can trust and grow there comfortably. The supportive and loving staff is always guiding the children and encouraging them to explore their interests, needs and passions. The teachers encourage learning through play and promote education in a very special and age-appropriate way so that no child is burdened up with education. They make it a fun process that can result in a lifetime love for learning in the children.

Their curriculum is very creative and innovatively prepared, utilising daily activities and Basic things and principles for learning. The conventional style of education is complex and can be very tough for the children to come on there for the school enables fun activities like painting, blocks building common digging, jumping rope, singing and other such everyday activities so that the children can learn through very easy methods.

They provide the following programs-

  • Infant Care
  • Toddler
  • Preschool
  • Summer

The children are taught to be independent and confident, By encouraging them to learn everyday basic activities in the school.

  • Contact- 480-946-8624
  • Location- 4136 N 82nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States
  • Website-

We hope that the above list makes your search for an efficient and wholesome preschool or childcare for your little kid a bit easier. Make sure to do your research on the Internet by browsing through the websites of the schools, as well as visiting the campuses of the school personally to learn about every detail of the school curriculum, meal programmes, timings and locations. Give your child the best nourishment they deserve!

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