Best Preschool and Childcare in Seattle (USA)

The everyday sun rises and its rays give a message to everyone – Don’t give up, wake up with a fresh mind and make it up.¬†Early education is like the sun’s rays which is the start of anyone’s life. It has a major impact on every preschooler, which is going to start his journey with nursery schools and childcare. Parents expect a huge number of facilities from any school, where their child is going to spend most of the time of their day.

They want a place that can take care of their kids, provides rich education, a sense of communication with others, nutritious and delicious food, extracurricular activities which will sharpen their minds and skills, emergency first aid services, expand their imagination and thoughts.

Most of the schools manage to arrange some of these services but not all which are essential for each child. Some do not have a good education, and some do not have polite or kind staff who can take care of their child in every possible way.

There are some key points that every parent should have in their mind while enrolling their child-

  • Rating and Reviews
  • Rich education
  • Quality food
  • Emergency services
  • Safe surrounding and nearer areas

If you are living in Seattle (USA) and confused about choosing the right school for your kids, this article will help you in the best selection. We had to dig deep and found the few best early education schools on your behalf. Here are a few-

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Best Preschool and Childcare in Seattle (USA)

  1. The Valley School
  2. The Exploration Academy
  3. Bright Water Waldorf School
  4. Huckleberry Forest Preschool
  5. Ballard Pre-K
  6. Orange Tea School

1. The Valley School

The Valley School was established in 1985 in Seattle (USA). The school thinks society’s expectations and thoughts will change but the basic needs of children will remain the same forever. Anyone should not make a settlement with the needs and education of a child. Every child deserves a good education, peace, a safe environment, and surrounding and remarkable upbringing. They oversee every child for the individual development of each child through a passion for learning, imaginative thinking, creative thinking, practice, discovery, and exploration. Teachers and staff members help everyone child in all areas of development including emotional physical social intellectual and family emotion in every possible way.

  • Location- 318 30th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
  • Website-
  • Contact- (206) 328-4475

2. The Exploration Academy

The exploration Academy is based on the combination of development and approach to learning. The schedule of the program are arranged in that way that students can become active learner Explorer, artists, discover, and experimenters. They focus on every field and on every subject which is required for growth and future education. They believe students can learn better through practicals more than theories, The children can learn more efficiently if they will understand by practical, as a human being remember more what one sees than one hears. They make kids work together for teaching them tha value of support and teamwork.

  • Location- 1815 N 45th St Ste 218 Seattle, WA 98103
  • Website-
  • Contact- (206) 402-6483

3. Bright Water Waldorf School

Bright Water Waldorf School was founded in 1998, situated in a historic landmark building in Capitol Hill. They have passionate, enthusiastic, devoted, and experienced 35 faculty members, who are passing their knowledge to the students studying there with full energy and creativity. The school provides a dynamic and excellent education to the student by making them understand by examples, physical movements, and various concepts. Chaya Keefe is the head manager of the school since 2019, who is well educated and talented.

  • Location- 1501 10th Ave E Ste 100 Seattle, WA 98102
  • Website-
  • Contact- (206) 624-6176

4.Huckleberry Forest Preschool

Huckleberry Forest Preschool was founded in 2010 and is an art and science preschool. It is one of the schools that spread positive energy and create happy and confident souls. They believe in learning by experience, examples, discovery, exploration, and independent thinking. The school provides a nurturing and secure surrounding to the students for their personal growth, social skills, communication skills, and physical growth. A child can learn and grow only when he will feel a safe surrounding. Two leading teachers are here, who have experience of more than 15 years and have a beautiful and caring heart with a pure soul. They provide additional facilities like dance, theatre, horticulture, and art.

  • Location- 4528 8th Ave NE Unit 1B Seattle, WA 98105
  • Website-
  • Contact- (206) 790-5047

5. Ballard Pre-K

Ballard Pre-K is a nursery school and Kindergarten situated and the boys and girls club in Ballard. They do not have multiple classrooms but have every facility what are the child needs and essential for a child. They have classrooms with have caring loving and experienced teachers educating children with passion and devotion. They offered full-day(8:45 AM- 2:45 PM)and half-day programs (8:45 AM- 11:45 AM) to the people of Seattle.

  • Location- 1767 NW 64th St Seattle, WA 98107
  • Website-
  • Contact- (206) 783-5775

6.Orange Tea School

Orange Tea School is a school that teaches with heart. They build a rich foundation based on intelligence and creativity. The kids naturally explore and practice hard for better results and improvement. The teachers are aware students about the life difficulties and future problems and how to deal with all the tasks which life is going to give them. They have to prove themselves in the examination of life. They need to stay positive, stable, good human beings and creators don’t matter what happens. They can not give up at any cost.

  • Location- Seattle, WA 98115
  • Website-
  • Contact- (206) 524-3337

The above content provides every detail of the best early education schools of Seattle (USA), go and have a tour of these schools for the best education and bright future of your child and your close ones.

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