Can anything survive in the desert?


What is desert?

  • Deserts are said to cover more than or equal to one-fifth of the Earth.
  • Deserts are places with extreme temperatures.
  • They can either be too dry with minimal rainfall or they can be too cold present in the Antarctic region.
  • Deserts can also be said as the extension of dry land.

Why is it said to be difficult to live in the desert?

  • We, as human beings, are always in need of bulk of water for us to survive.
  • And Deserts are typically the places with the lowest amount of water found ever.
  • Along with scarcity of water, there can always be a scarcity of food.
  • Not just for human beings, these conditions can eventually affect animals and plants also.
  • Hence, it is difficult to live in a desert.

How can we still find life in the desert even after this many problems?

  • Well, with the region and climate animals and plants have different characteristic features to support their living life.
  • Eventually, places like deserts are also known to have different kinds of species.
  • The type of species that can adapt to the lifestyle provided by the desert, and its conditions.
  • Some examples of animals found in the desert are camels, desert foxes, thorny devils, rockhopper penguins, etc.
  • Some examples of the plants found in the desert are prickly pear, wildflowers, orange trees, ficus, etc.

What are the adapted ways used by animals to survive in the desert?

  • Animals like camels can go on for days and weeks with food and water.
  • Many animals have their own system to keep them cool when there’s too much heat outside.
  • Some animals are also known to be active only when there is no sun outside such as nocturnal animals.
  • Nocturnal animals are those types of animals who are active during nighttime.
  • Some animals can even stay mostly underground to avoid the extreme conditions of the desert.

What are some adapted ways for plants to survive in the desert?

  • Some species of desert plants can live for many years without water.
  • Some plants can have their roots dig down deep in the earth surface causing them to reach near underground water and fulfil their desire for water.
  • Some plants such as cacti have very different methods to survive in this condition, it is known to store water in its leaves as a fleshy substance and use it when required.

Fun Facts:

  1. Do you know, most of the deserts are present in subtropical regions.
  2. Do you know there are two types of the desert present, hot desert such as The Sahara Desert, cold desert such as The Gobi Desert?
  3. Some of the other common deserts are the Arabian Desert, Antarctic Desert, Mojave Desert, Namib Desert.

Related Questions:

  1. What are the differences between hot and cold deserts?
  2. What are subtropical regions?
  3. What are the conditions for a place to be termed a desert?

True or False:

  1. Deserts are said to cover one-fourth of the Earth.
  2. Deserts can receive so much rainfall.
  3. The Desert is a very normal place for all to live.
  4. Desert can be found very normal in daily temperatures.
  5. Desert animals require no special adaptations.

Objective Quiz:

1. Deserts are the places with ______.

  1. Extreme conditions.
  2. Extreme darkness.
  3. Normal temperatures.
  4. No change.

2. A human being can face complications in the desert such as ______.

  1. Scarcity of water.
  2. Scarcity of food.
  3. Both 1) and 2).
  4. None of the above.

3. It is ______ to live in a desert.

  1. Easy.
  2. Moderate.
  3. Difficult.
  4. Don’t know.

3. Camels can go ______ food for many days or weeks.

  1. With.
  2. Without.
  3. Needs daily food.
  4. None of the above.

4. ______ are examples of desert animals.

  1. Camel.
  2. Desert Fox.
  3. Thorny devil.
  4. All of the above.

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