Clocks: Half Past Worksheets for Kids

To know how to tell time is essential to every human being. It is a very important skill that helps determine whether one is running late for his job interview or early at a party. It is thus, essential that children are taught how to tell time at a young age since it is at such age that a person is conducive to quick learning.

Clock Practice Worksheets

The following exercises focus on teaching children how to tell time by the use of pictures of analog clocks. The exercise is quite simple. Given below the pictures of the clocks is the time. Children are required to draw the minute and the hour hands on the clocks to show the correct time.

Clocks: Half Past Worksheets for Kids

It is essential to practice. The functions of a clock are simple yet many kids find it hard to tell time and many find it more challenging to display the time by means of drawing the hour and the minute hand. The second worksheet provided more exercises to work with.

Clocks: Half Past Worksheets for Kids

The worksheet would help the kids to determine if it is the time to go play or if it is the time for their favorite show. Help your kids tell time by downloading our printable worksheets now!

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