Count & Color Ocean Animal Worksheets for Kids

Since over 72%  of the earth’s surface is covered by water, oceans are home to several species. Our count and color worksheet consists of several illustrations of ocean animals to help your child develop the skill of counting, coloring, and getting to know some of the several aquatic species in the world.

The process of learning should be easy, fun, and engaging.  These worksheets enable children to know about several aquatic animals such as Jellyfish, Prawns, Snakes, Fish, Dolphins, starfish, and more. It also focuses on building their counting skills as it is one of the most essential skills to teach a young kid.

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Ocean Animal Count & Color Practice Worksheets


Given in the worksheets below are illustrations of several aquatic animals. The child has to color the given numbers of ocean animals. It is a fun activity that can be introduced in his homeschooling curriculum to give him a sense of aquatic life and numbers.

Count & Color Ocean Animal Worksheets for Kids

This is the second sheet of this worksheet. Assign your students with these worksheets as classwork so that they feel motivated to finish their tasks.

Count & Color Ocean Animal Worksheets for Kids

The third worksheet adds more illustrations of different ocean animals such as Crabs, Seahorses, Seals, Walrus, Sawfish, and more. Make sure that your student understands what he needs to do. Proper guidance is essential in learning for young kids.

Count & Color Ocean Animal Worksheets for Kids

These worksheets focus on educating the children about the large and beautiful aquatic life while honing their coloring skills with a special focus on teaching them how to count. Download the worksheet and get started now!

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