Count and Match Worksheets for Kindergarten

Learning to count is a crucial step in your kindergartener’s learning journey. Children from a very young age have a sense of numbers in terms of the various objects they see around them such as toys, pillows, bottles, etc.

Counting is nothing but making the connection between this innate sense of “how many” with verbal expressions and words. Once kids have learned numbers and the basics of counting, it is important to keep practicing and exercising their brains. However, it is important to focus on learning how to not only count but to be able to connect a specific number of objects to the correct number from a set of options.

These worksheets are the perfect exercise to help your child hone their counting skills and become a fast and efficient learners.

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Count and Match Worksheets for Kindergarten

Count and Match Worksheet 1

The worksheets simply comprise two components – the right-hand panel has 5 images of different objects and the left-hand panel has a set of 5 numbers. The task is to count the number of objects in each row and match that with any one of the numbers given on the left-hand column.

Count and Match Worksheet 2

Bright and colourful worksheets with objects such as flowers and icecreams give children a sense of familiarity and this helps them understand better.

Count and Match Worksheet 3

Counting can feel like mindless busywork and so it is crucial to teach children in ways that appeal to them and pique their interest.

Count and Match Worksheet 4

Practice makes perfect and varied activities such as count and match exercises will introduce children to a new way of learning. This will allow them to learn and have fun at the same time.

Count and Match Worksheet 5

You can set a fixed time limit for your child for solving one or more worksheets. With time, they will get faster at the activity and you can reduce the time limit or increase the number of worksheets on the basis of the child’s learning pace and capacity.



Count and Match Worksheet 6

Animals are something that gets kids excited and seeing them incorporated into their schoolwork will make them more interested in learning!

Count and Match Worksheet 7

Children are curious learners at this age. As they make progress, they will able to understand the number of objects or images without having to count from one.

Count and Match Worksheet 8

These worksheets are also a great way for children to understand that the sequence in which an item is counted does not change the number of the objects. Repeated practice will make this concept completely clear to kids.

Count and Match Worksheet 9

Counting is an exercise that takes patience and so it is important to make sure that your child is concentrating on the task at hand, especially when they switch to the worksheets with bigger numbers.

Count and Match Worksheet 10

The most important part of learning anything is to understand the concept clearly. These worksheets are the perfect tool for making the process of learning fun and interesting to young children.

We are sure that these fun and interesting worksheets will help your child enjoy themselves and learn the fundamentals of mathematics all at the same time. So, what are you waiting for?

Download, print, and get started today!

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