Easy Laurel Wreath Crafts for Kids


The arrival of spring again with blossoming colourful flowers, the chirping of birds and the music of the cool breeze enriches the sense of joy and happiness within our hearts. These small garlands with beautiful flowers and pastel eggs are some of the best ideas that make different parts of happiness like a crown around your head or a decorative welcoming garden hung at the entrance. These are very easy to make and look adorable. With astonishing plastic floral elements and plastic eggs that are differently coloured it seems like a bird’s nest in a beautiful garden. You can hang it in the middle of the house on the veranda or at the entrance to decorate your house. This can also be a beautiful hair crown for little kids and teen girls.

Simple Laurel Wreath Craft Ideas for Kids


Easter Egg Wreath With Natural Rainbow Colours

Easter Egg Wreath With Natural Rainbow Colours
Image Source/Tutorial: The House that Lars Built

Instead of using artificial dying and making it a mess, try out a naturally dyed egg wreath that contains all the colours of the rainbow so that it looks even more beautiful. Use artificial wireframes and tissues and artificial leaves to place in between different-sized eggs and make a colourful garland wreath. Rainbows are common in spring, right? So welcome this spring with this amazing craft.

Simple And Colourful Wreath Ideas

Simple And Colourful Wreath Ideas Easter wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: The Spruce Crafts

To get the best results, selecting eggs in an attractive combination of colours is necessary. Wrap the eggs with different coloured crepe papers and glue them together to the embroidery hoop. Use felt for making leaves as there is no doubt spring is spreader with leaves and flowers.

Easter Egg Wreath For Front Décor

Easter Egg Wreath For Front Décor
Image Source/Tutorial: Live Laugh Rowe

A simple and beautiful egg wreath idea is here to be used as a front décor or hangings in your home as a warm welcome to the spring arriving after a long time. Together wrap up the egg garland and the grapevine wreath to get a very simple Laurel wreath.

Easter Wreath With Buttons And Tulle

Easter Wreath With Buttons And Tulle DIY Easter Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Food Fun Family

With no further delay, start to do this amazing craft that makes you dance with colours. With simplest materials like buttons of different shapes and colours, you can make this spring Easter wreath and tie a small ribbon at its lower side to give it some extra look.

Wax Wrapped Wreath For Spring

Wax Wrapped Wreath For Spring
Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Joy

To make these glowing Easter egg wreaths all you need is embroidery floss and water balloons. You cannot make this craft at once but need to wait overnight for the balloon wrapped with embroidery floss to get dried after placing it on a piece of wax paper. Then glue all the eggs around the wreath to get this done.

Paint Chip Egg Wreath With Cardboard

Paint Chip Egg Wreath With Cardboard DIY Easter Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Raising Kinley

The colourful egg wreath that hangs down from the long ribbon is the best part that welcomes the spring with egg chips and it is also a part of very usual Christmas decorations. This paint chip egg wreath craft is something that teaches you very better about colours to your small kids.

Bunny Wreath With Embroidery Hoop And Crepe Paper

Bunny Wreath With Embroidery Hoop And Crepe Paper
Image Source/Tutorial: The House That Lars Built

Bunnies are always cute, right? Why not try a leaf wreath in a bunny shape? All you need are three embroidery hoops of different circular sizes and crepe papers to wrap the leaves around it. Finish it off in our usual style with a ribbon. This is a door décor that can be hung at the entrance This looks very pleasant just like the greenish leaves coming out during spring.

Bunny Wreath With Pom Pom

Bunny Wreath With Pom-Poms DIY Easter Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Flamingo Toes

It’s warm to feel the breeze of spring with cute little buds all over the plants and greenish trees dancing everywhere. When you want to welcome this spring with a happy note, here is a smiling bunny wreath with pom pom and some florals which is easy to make. Have fun doing this simplest form of craft and hang it on the door.

Grapevine Floral Cross Wreath

Grapevine Floral Cross Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: The Gaines Gang

With a wooden stick and grapevine wreath, you can create the holy cross floral wreath that reminds us of Christ and his sacrifices. Also, collect some Lillies and glue everything together with the cross. Make a ribbon out of felt and hang this beautiful piece of work in your home.

Easy Styrofoam Twine Easter Cross

Easy Styrofoam Twine Easter Cross DIY Easter Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Monica Wilkinson

Cut styrofoam that you found in your home in the shape of a cross and take a bundle of twines and wrap them all around the styrofoam. Finish off each side and finally come to the middle of the cross making an X-shaped wrapping. Hang it at the entrance as a perfect welcome to the Christ to return back

Colourful Spring Floral Chick Wreath

Colourful Spring Floral Chick Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Giggles Galore

What do we love about spring? Everything in it is right. Here is a colourful wreath of bright yellow daffodils and orange trim flowers. Littles ones make the cute parts. Make the cute little Chicks sit comfortably on the floral felt wreath and pin buttons and flowers around it to make it cuter

Easter Wreath Basket Crafts

Easter Wreath Basket Crafts DIY Easter Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Squared

Somewhere in the middle of the summer, we have forgotten to cheer up with each other, share sweets and extra love and started becoming artificial. Take time to create your own Easter basket as a gift or present to your close ones or to share sweets and candies. This grass wreath basket contains cute little teddies, sweets, candies and chocolates. Share them and have fun!

Simple Burlap Spring Wreath For Kids

Simple Burlap Spring Wreath For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Duke Manor Farm

Oh wow! I really wondered how beautiful this simple wreath can be! Wrapping the burlap around the wireframe and fixing the needed grapevine egg wreath and floral wires. You can also use stars, eggs, chicks or floral wreaths as your wish. What is most important is the winding of burlap carefully and hopefully, everything looks astonishing when hung on the door.

Greenish Grass Bushy Wreath

Greenish Grass Bushy Wreath DIY Easter Wreath
Image Source/Tutorial: Miss Kopy Kat

This greenish grass wreath is one of the easiest yet multipurpose crafts that you can use for different occasions. This grass wreath could be the aptest form of welcoming the spring like the greenish grasses on the fields. You can also make it with coloured egg chips and ribbons or a floral wreath to make it more attractive.

Art and craft speak more than words can and instead of sparing large amounts for decorative items, Easter wreaths are the best options for those who want to make your place look outstanding. Please do not forget to share your beautiful wreath-making experience. Click on the comment button and do share your thoughts.

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