Simple DIY Paper Craft Tutorials for Kids To Nurture Their Creativity

Kids are always hungry for creative work. Craft helps parent to make their children learn basic skills also provide opportunity of team work. To make you home live with creative crafts, and to encourage your children for creative adventure, please go through these ideas and start a creative journey.


Handprint Fish Puppets

With fish printables or cutting cardboard in shape of hand. Use ice cream stick to make a beautiful fish puppet.


Fireworks painting with recycled tissue rolls

Cut tissue roll to create strips. Dip it in color plate and place on paper to create fireworks painting.


Perfect Paper Plate Dinos

Color paper plates with your favourite color and cut it in shape of dinos. You can make long neck with paper plate itself to create your dinos.


Cute Paper Flowers Pot Card

Flowers are fascinating. This classic flower pot card can be easily created with colorful papers. You can cut your favourite flowers with leaves and stick them with pot like paper card.


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