Easy & Unique Kids Crafts that ANYONE Can Make

Thinking Out of The Box!

Education helps us in many ways. But the main thing in life that makes us reach great heights is CREATIVITY. It is not found in many people. It is a very tougher thing to be attained and takes a lot of time to learn it. And the most important thing is that thinking out of the box cannot be acquired from an external source, it should be found within ourselves. These crafts help kids to bring out their creativeness and they love it.


Easy Craft Ideas to Make for Kids

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts that ANYONE Can Make

1. Flower Pot

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Flower pot
Image source/Tutorial: makelifelovely

Planting trees is more important. It is to be followed by each citizen in a country. It all starts with the younger generation. They are to be taught the importance of planting lives. Make kids plant small trees and watch them grow. The pots need not be necessarily brought from shops, it can be made by ourselves and it looks super cool to look at.

2. Activity Area

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Activity Area

The activity area of children should be decorated beautifully in order to make them feel confident with their own makings. This can be done so easily. It does not require much effort. The effort you take to make kids smile is not wasted always. The shapes can be made differently and it is so lovely to look at.

3. Fly In The Air

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Fly In The Air
Image source/Tutorial: diyinspired

The dream of every pilot or an entrepreneur starts from their childhood. Dreams are which does not make us sleep. They must be made into reality and it helps us to achieve greater heights. The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Encourage kids to do such small activity and make them achieve big.

4. Angry Cute Bird

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Angry Cute Bird
Artist: Pranita Jigar Ghadiali

Angry bird games are most loved by children even today. It has a separate fan base. Convince your cute little angry bird by making it and make kids smile looking at them. Make different colours and shapes. It just a paper plate away.

5. Cool Frames

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Cool Frames
Image source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

Frames are loved by everyone including all ages. They can be done easily using simple things at home. Are you bored sitting idle in homes? Do such things and spend your time with valid energy. Let your day and surrounding filled with positive energy. These give a cool look to your house

6. Innovation

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Innovation
Image source/Tutorial: PowerfulMothering.com

Future of the world lies in the younger generation. The ideas of little kids must be taken as the first step of development. This is a simple game but it teaches many things to children. It can be played in groups for perfect enjoyment.

7. The Play Candies

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts The Play Candies
Artist: Anjali Masaldan

Candies are favourite for all people. They are so much loved by kids due to their attractive colours and flavours. Is there anyone who does not love them??? Do such things and have an enjoyable life. Kids go leaps and bounds for such beautiful candies. It attracts their heart and eyes so easily.

8. Button Tree

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Button Tree
Image source/Tutorial: simplydesigning.com

Trees are lovely with beautiful leaves and fruits in it. These leaves can be represented by buttons and it gives a complete look. It is lovely to look at. Add things and DECORATIVES according to own creativity and innovation. Off course, innovation need not be taught.

9. Butterfly:

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Butterfly
Image source/Tutorial: fantasticfunandlearning

Butterflies are most loved by children. They enjoy catching them and playing with them. Do such cute butterflies and feel them in the hands of sweet kids. Fly like a butterfly, travel everywhere. Life is a daring adventure or nothing. Don’t spend it with a narrow mind and thought

10. The Perfect Hangings

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts The Perfect Hangings
Artist: Dhanashri Vinod Bidwaik

A perfect hanging is not the one which is brought for a higher price. It is the one which is done with more effort and interest. The main thing that requires. This glow gives extra beauty and light to your pretty home. People who love interior designs, love these kinds of things.

11. Simple Art:

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Simple Art
Image source/Tutorial: Happiness is Homemade

Paintings can be done using anything. It is so nice to do it with a bottle. Keep a bottle and paint to do flowers in different colours and shapes. It is so simple and kids do it so easily. These kinds of thing need not require more money or effort. It’s just a bottle away.

12. The Dragon Tales

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts The Dragon Tales
Image source/Tutorial: onelittleproject.com

Dragons are fantasy things and their powers are loved by children. These dragons can be made so easily by random things and children love to play with them. It may be the fire that comes out, it adds extra love and develops friendship among the cute children

13. Sun Catchers

Easy & Unique Kids Crafts Sun Catchers Sun Catchers
Image source/Tutorial: happinessishomemade

These are so simple to do and children love playing with it. This does not require many things to do. Kids love to enjoy doing this. This can be played as a game by all and different teams can be formed.

14. Decorative Letters

Decorative Letters Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial: Happiness is Homemade 

Gifting people with the first letter of their name makes them happy and special. Do such things. Don’t forget to surround the letters with random things. People will surely love it and will get impressed by your gift.

15. Snails

Snails Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial:  No Time For Flashcards

Snails are known for their patience. Wait for the perfect time in your life or make the time perfect. Do such snails and play with them. In real, snails looks horrible but make them beautiful in making them.

16. The Lion Plate

The Lion Plate Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial: The Joy of Sharing 

King of the jungle will be on the walls of your house when you do such cool crafts. They are more interesting to do and such things are so loved by kids. This can even be done like masks. Be like a lion in making decisions and be a king always.

17. Blossoms

Blossoms Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

After each autumn, we see spring in our lives. Blooming flowers remind that one day life will change according to our wish and all of us wait for that day. Do such lovely flowers with colours of your choice. It is so pleasant to look at.

18. The Boards

The Boards Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial: thegirlcreative

These boards can be used in many games and are so easy to do. This can be done by little kids and they will surely enjoy this. Modern art requires much if Creativity and thinking. Think deeply and do it perfectly.

19. Bugs And Bugs

Bugs And Bugs Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial: PlayDrMom

Bugs in real are of course are hated by all of us. But they are loves when we do them in form of crafts. The red and black make the perfect combinations. Add flowers to the thing and it looks perfect.

20. Thready Vase

Thready Vase Easy & Unique Kids Crafts
Image source/Tutorial: kids craftroom

Flower vase can be done with anything. This vase, in particular, is done with threads and it so nice to look at. Make them look different by adding different colours. It adds beauty to the vase.

21. Kites

Image source/Tutorial: Lovely Commotion

Kites are loved by all of us. Fly like a kite and achieve greater heights in life. These kites can be easily made by using old lunch covers. It is a perfect game after the lunchtime. Don’t get tired of seeing people with kites, do one with your own hands.

22. Paper Paintings

Paper Paintings
Image source/Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

Paintings can be done in anything. Paper paintings are the best. They give a separate look and does not require great things to do. Do it easily and have fun.

23. Spin Again

Spin Again
Image source/Tutorial: A Girl And A Glue Gun

This game can be played separately. It does not require a team. The most important thing is that it is very easy to make. Do this spinner and spin it again and again. Have a funny day with it.

24. Beauty At Its Best

Beauty At Its Best
Artist: Rani Subramanian

The national bird stands and stretches out its wings proudly. It is more beautiful when it dances in rain and it is known for it. Do such beautiful peacocks using simple items.

25. My Sweet Turtle

My Sweet Turtle:
Artist: Neelam Bharti (Tutorial)

Animals can be easily done. It is just a paper plate aways. Draw and paint animals using paper plates and hang them at the home. It is so cool to have those things. Treasure every little thing that kids does. They are like gems.

26. Collection of Gems

Collection of Gems
Image source/Tutorial: paper-and-glue

Kids love collecting gems. But they are not seen everywhere. So why not collect stones and paint them so they look alike like gems. Different gems have different powers. Games can be played with these and it is so enjoyable.

27. Standing Butterflies

 Standing Butterflies
Image source/Tutorial: thebestideasforkids.com

Butterfly is lovely to look at however they are. Do such cute butterflies using cardboard and buttons. This is perfect and lovely. The lifecycle of the butterfly teaches us a lot. It develops from a cocoon and gets to the capability of flying. Teach kids determination.

28. Hanging Sun

Hanging Sun
Image source/Tutorial:

Hangings can be done using simple things like colour papers. Let it be a sun and rays coming out of it. This can be kept at home and people will love it.

29. Star Fish

Star Fish
Image source/Tutorial: thecraftingchicks

Star fishes are loved by kids though only a few have seen it in real. It is so easy to do such things. Just a cool mind and interest is enough. Make kids do such cool stuff.

30. Artistic

Image source/Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Modern arts are so classic to look at. They are a sign of Creativity. They can be done easily in anything. Do such things in just paper plates. It doesn’t require much things and time.

31. Binoculars

Image source/Tutorial: redtedart.com

Binoculars are generally loved by everyone. They are played by children regularly and they enjoy it. Do your binoculars and view everything in life with a clear view.

32. Hangings

Image source/Tutorial: happinessishomemade.com

Hangings can be done from anything and everything. Even they can be done using tins and old paint boxes. They are so easy to make and are nice to look at.

33. Rainbow Love

Rainbow Love
Image source/Tutorial: danyabanya.com

After the rain, the rainbow comes. Every problem has a solution. There is nothing in this world without a solution. Don’t worry if there is a lot of problems in life, just wait for the rainbow to come. Do a perfect rainbow with a pinch of creativity and innovation.

34. Innovation

Image source/Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Crafts can be done using anything. It can be even of simple stones. Creativity does not require such things. It requires only effort and interest. Keep trying new things.

35.The bright sun

Spin Again
Artist: Deepti Duggal

Sun teaches us many things. No matter how alone you feel or how lonely you are, you can shine in your own way. It lightens up the world. We cannot imagine life without the sun. Starting with our food, we need the sun. Do such a beautiful sun with your own hands and give rays to people.

36. The awareness

The awareness
Image source/Tutorial: thejoyofsharing

Pollution is a hot topic around the globe. It is a thing that has a lot of awareness yet it is not treated. Polluting water is too bad for the creatures which live inside. Portray big things using simple drawings. It is so unique and super cool.

37. Flowers And peace

Flowers and peace
Image source/Tutorial: thegirlcreative

Flowers are the most pleasant to look at. Their fragrance and their look can add peace to live. Imagine waking up in a house completely surrounded by flowers. It will be a beautiful feeling which cannot be expressed in words. Even words run out when we describe the feeling that flowers give us. It can be done using papers easily. Try and enjoy the peace.

38. Designer Plates

Designer Plates

Designs are so good and exciting to look at. They are tougher to create and paint. They can be done in anything. Do it in paper plates and it will be fabulous to look at. It can be kept at our home and it adds beauty to the house.

39. Butterflies

Artist: Sonia Khurana Bhatia

Life is flying across the world to achieve your dreams. Each and every person has once in their life has a dream to fly. Fly without wings. Wings are your dreams. Enjoy life like a butterfly. They teach us even more from growing up from a cocoon to a beautiful creature. Teach kids their life and let them enjoy it.

40. Fans

Image source/Tutorial: thepinterestedparent

These beautiful fans can be done easily. It is wonderful to look at and playing with it is super cool. Kids love these kinds of things. It just requires old ice cream sticks.

A work you enjoy doing is not a big burden. The thing that matters the most it INTEREST. Have an interest in the work you do and you will wonder seeing it easily done. Have a very beautiful life. Stay tuned for many wonderful crafts. Write your comments in the comment section.

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