Squirrel’s contribution in Ram Setu

After the abduction of Mata Sita, Lord Rama was engaged in building a bridge over the sea to connect the forest with Lanka to reach.  To build the bridge, the entire monkey army puts stones in the sea by writing the name of Lord Shri Ram on the stone.  Because of the name of Lord Ram, the stones float instead of sinking in the sea.  Seeing all this, all the apes are quite happy and stones are poured into the sea to make a rapid bridge.  Lord Rama is happy to see the enthusiasm, dedication and passion of his army to build the bridge.

At that time there was also a squirrel, which was picking pebbles from the mouth and putting it in the river.  A monkey was watching her doing this again and again.

After a while, the monkeys make fun of the squirrel.  The monkey says, “Hey!  You are such a small squirrel, stay away from the sea.  Lest you be buried under these stones. ”  Hearing this, other monkeys also make fun of the squirrel.

The squirrel becomes very sad to hear all this.  Lord Rama also sees this happening from a distance.  As soon as the squirrel’s eye falls on Lord Rama, she weeps and comes near Lord Rama. Troubled squirrel complains to Shri Rama of all monkeys.  Then Lord Rama stands up and shows the monkey army how the small stones which the squirrel threw are working to connect the big stones with each other.

Lord Rama says, “If the squirrel did not put these pebbles, then all the stones thrown by you would be scattered here and there.  These are the stones thrown by the squirrel, which are joined together.  The contribution of the squirrel to build the bridge is as invaluable as the members of the monkey army.”

Saying all this, Lord Ram very lovingly picks up the squirrel from his hands.  Then, appreciating the work of the squirrel, Shri Ram begins to fondle his back.  As soon as the hands of God are turned, their fingerprints are formed on the small body of the squirrel.

Since then it is believed that the white stripes on the body of squirrels are nothing but their blessings present as fingerprints of Lord Rama.

The lesson we get from the story is that “The work of others should not be made fun of.  Any kind of contribution to the work is important.  Also, despite fun, you should not lose your confidence.”

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