Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

Duct tapes are mostly used to fix any broken thing or for repair. But here we present an idea to use duct tapes in various ways to make them more useful and things prettier. Whenever we use duct tape on anything, that part will look weird. So to convert that weird part into something amazing, we have some amazing ideas for that.

Various types of duct tapes are available nowadays like some have patterns and designs on them with amazing colours. This will help kids to learn how to fix things as well as make them beautiful. Though this is such a common practice kids will learn new things and craft with this. Let’s explore these duct tape crafts.


What to make out of duct tape when you’re bored!

1. Duct Tape Garden Hose

Duct Tape Crafts for Kids DUCT TAPE GARDEN HOSE
Duct Tape Decorated Garden Hose

Sometimes a garden hose can break from various places. So using duct tapes will make it look bad, but we can make a pattern on the whole hose to make it colourful and pretty.

2. Duct Tape Wreath

Duct Tape Crafts for KidsDUCT TAPE WREATH
Duct Tape Wreath

A wreath is mostly used to decorate doors and walls during the festive season mainly Diwali and Christmas. This one is made by using duct tape cutting and it must be handle carefully to make it so perfect and pretty.

3. Duct Tape Hairclips

Duct Tape Crafts for Kids DUCT TAPE HAIRCLIPS
5 Minute Duct Tape Hair Clips

Hair clips can be redecorated using duct tapes as given in the above picture. This will give hairclips a new design and a colourful look. Also, kids will become innovative and use their minds to the fullest.

4. Duct Tape Bow Garland

Duct Tape Crafts for Kids DUCT TAPE BOW GARLAND
Tiny Duct Tape Bow Gift Garland

These duct tapes can be used to make tiny bows by which we can use to make garlands. These bow garlands can be used to decorate walls and can be used to make gift wrapping attractive.

5. Duct Tape Pencil Pouch

Duct Tape Crafts for Kids DUCT TAPE PENCIL POUCH
DIY Duct Tape Pennant Pencil Pouch

We can make a pencil pouch with the help of duct tape as given in the above image. This pouch will look very cool and can be used to put our pencils and pens in it. Also by making such arts kids’ creativity will enhance.

6. Duct Tape Pool Bag

Duct Tape Crafts for Kids DUCT TAPE POOL BAG
Duct Tape Pool Bag

A beach bag must be waterproof so to protect the things that remain inside from water and sand. So we can cover that bag with duct tapes because duct tapes are waterproof and protect the bag from the water.

7. Duct Tape Stool

Duct Tape Stool

Duct tape can be used to make a boring stool colourful and vivid. There are so many options of duct tapes are available in the market nowadays, so you just have to pick one as per your taste and decorate the stool as you want.

8. Duct Tape Furniture Pattern

Make Furniture From Upcycled Cardboard

We can make cardboard furniture for beaches or our backyards and gardens. This is a kind of temporary furniture for sitting and chilling around. We can use duct tapes to decorate that furniture as given in the above picture. This is just an idea, we can make it in various ways according to our imagination.

9. Duct Tape Stall

DIY Balloon Stand 

We can make a balloon stand for the kids’ competitions in their school. During school carnivals, kids prepare their stalls, this duct tape stall will help the kids to race in the competition with such an amazing and innovative idea.

10. Duct Tape Basket

Heart-Shaped Basket

A heart-shaped duct tape basket can be made by kids in their free time. This can be used to keep fruits in it, also we can gift it to others with some chocolates in it.

11. Duct Tape Lantern

Duct Tape Mummy Jack O Lantern

We can prepare a lantern with the help of duct tape and it can be used as decor for the Halloween party. It will give an amazing effect and lighting at the party.

12. Duct Tape Trees

Duct Tape Ruffle Trees

Since Christmas is approaching, so here is an idea to make a new Christmas decoration piece with the help of duct tapes. Here are a few Christmas trees to make our house looks pretty.

13. Duct Tape Lamp

Duct Tape Pendant Lamp

We can make a pendant lamp for our house with the use of various duct tapes. All the steps are given in the above picture as to how to make the lamp. This will help us to decorate our homes with such beautiful lamps.

14. Duct tape wallet

You can watch this video tutorial to learn how to make a duct tape wallet. It is easy to do craftwork with lot of fun.

15. Duct tape bookmark

Do you use bookmarks in your studies? Bookmarks are useful to remember when we were reading last time. You can make colorful bookmarks using Duct tape also. How? Watch the above tutorial.

Let us summarize this article now. These are some basic but best ideas to use duct tapes in our house and give everything a unique look. Everyone must try such ideas to decorate their homes by using simple duct tape. So keep growing and keep crafting.

I hope you will like the article. Please give your reviews and comments.

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