How Can We Use Recycled Material for Craft Work?

‘Don’t waste this.’ ‘Don’t waste that’……… these lines, literally every one of us heard from our parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors most of the time. At that point of time, we don’t really care and understand whatever they say. Even sometimes we tend to ignore their sayings. But still, have you ever thought why our elders say, don’t waste particular things? If no! then you all must seriously think because this is a big concern. If you waste something today, then it won’t left for you and for our future generations. Despite this, due to our daily usages of things, a lot of waste generates which we see in our house and in our surroundings. We all generally use things and throw it. But while throwing has you ever stop yourself and thought, can this waste be utilized again? Can we make useful things from this waste? Probably most of you will say no. But the reality is that we can recycle the waste materials to make a variety of useful things and can also be used for craft work. Before going further into details of what all can we make out of wastes, let us first know the meaning of recycling.


What is recycle or recycling?

Recycling is one of the best ways through which we can take care of our environment and our whole planet on which we live. Basically, recycling is a process of collecting waste material and turning them into a new useful material.

After knowing about recycling, the first thing which comes to our mind is what sought of things can be recycled? Well, the answer is, there are a lot of things which can be recycled and can be utilized again like, aluminum cans, glass, steel, plastics, copper, iron, newspapers, plastic bottles, etc.

Why is recycling important?

As the amount of waste generated by us is increasing day by day, it seems very important to recycle them. To show its importance someone has rightly said,

Recycle today for a better tomorrow”

  • Our future will be better living if we recycle our wastes and use them again.
  • With the help of recycling the pollution which is created by us will be reduced.
  • Recycling is helpful in preserving our natural resources because it reduces the need for raw materials.
  • The cost of recycled products is very less. So it reduces the financial expenditure of our country.
  • It also creates jobs for many as it requires a lot of manpower.
  • Also through recycling materials, kids and children learn many crafts work.

How can we use recycled material for craft work?

Since my childhood, I liked the best thing about the recycled material is that it can be used for beautiful crafts work. Doing craft work with recycled material is so much fun for children in schools because it as an entertainment factor for them and also does not create boredom. Recycled craftwork also teaches students and even adults that they can make best out of wastes. And also this type of crafts work cost nothing to them. The only thing you have to do is don’t throw your used things or materials, instead make a collection of all those things. Now the question arises what sought of recycled material can be used for craft work? For this, I can say that literally anything which you consider as a throwing material can be used for making or creating amazing crafts. Like, old newspaper, cold drink cans, plastic bottles, paper plates, ice-cream sticks, buttons, cardboard, bottle caps, plastic jars, old clothes, used pens, bangles and etc. These are only a few examples. You all can add up your collection of things. With recycled materials, you can create wonders and can make so beautiful and useful items for your house. Let’s have a look at few examples of craft which can be made from recycled materials.

Mini Postbox

For this, you need unused plastic jar which can be easily found in your kitchen. Then you need cutter, black and red color paints.  Just look at your real postbox and do it with the jar. It’s very easy to make. You can put small message letters into it.

Image Source

Paper Bags

For this, you need old newspapers and ribbons.

Image Source

Pen Stand

You need newspaper, different color straw, scissors, and glue.

Image result for cold drink can recyled k4craft
Image Source

Plant Pot

You need a big plastic bottle which should be cut in half, mud and a small plant.

Photo Frame

You need ice-cream sticks, glue and decorative materials and your family photo.

Cardboard Portrait

Take a cardboard and make a beautiful portrait on paper and paste it on the cardboard with a glue.

Image Source

Elastic Band Guitar 

You need an empty tissue box, elastic bands, foil paper roll, paint, and glue.

Image Source

Wind Chime

You need plastic bottles, paints, scissors, decorative materials, ribbons, glue.

Image Source

Door Hanging Torans

You need disposal tea glass, paints, woolen threads, decorative materials, glue.

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You need egg cartons, paints, scissors, glue. You can also make dolls from plastic bottles and newspapers.

Image Source

Animal Shaped Masks 

You need paper plates, sketch pens, and other colors, scissors, elastic, colored chart papers.

You can try out the above crafts on your own. Not only this you can create even more magic with recycled materials and create something new. Every kid is super talented and they can create wonders. Just remember one mantra while doing your craft work,

“ one man’s waste can be another man’s treasure” – so collect your used materials and make it your treasure.

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