Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

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Nothing can replace fun time and DIY crafts you experiment with your kids! A lifelong treasure to be cherished!! Some easy Winter Crafts are listed below to knock the chill down and warm up your hands for proper utilization of the surplus time you will have during these holidays. 

Winter is here and signs of building up laziness and uncontrollable excitement are getting evident among kids! All of us know Why don’t we? Excitement for those kids for whom with the start of winter, festive fever starts mounting. Watching snowflakes fall sitting beside the window, fun in family gatherings and celebrations that include merrymaking on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Planning a trip long-awaited with family during the winter holidays is the fad of the hour. Laziness for those kids who just want to spend their time cuddled in quilts for long hours lying on the bed feeling warm and cozy.

Whatever may be your plans this winter season, you won’t have to squander your time worrying about how to keep your kids busy these winters. We have here with us a variety of winter craft ideas that will not only enhance their creativity but also cater to a feeling of euphoria when these crafts do get completed and praised by visitors to your house this winter carnival.

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Winter Crafts for Kids

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Christmas Tree String Art Stencil

Christmas tree string art stencil is one of the most enthralling and easy-to-make crafts that kids can try their hands on for Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree String Art Stencil
Image Source/Tutorial: kimandcarrie.com

Every kid wants to decorate their house with their handmade craft and for this, Christmas  string art stencil is best to make on Christmas, for making this all you have to do is printout, the tree stencil pattern and trace it on the paper using a pencil and then with the help of needle put the wool according  to the tree shape also stick a star on top of it to make it more eye capturing and you are done

This craft is a cakewalk for kids and you should try to make this craft on Christmas.

Finger Print Snowy Trees

Finger Print Snowy Trees Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: ourkidthings.com

Snowfall in winter is like a cherry on the cake and excites everyone. For more enthusiasm, this winter tries to make some unique crafts like Fingerprint snowy trees which are eye-capturing and suit perfectly the winter season.

For making Fingerprint snowy trees all you have to collect is some colorful paper, white paint color, and enthusiastic kids. You have to cut the colorful sheets in tree shape and print small, cute dots of white color by using your little fingers. You’re going to enjoy this whole making process and also decorate these fingerprint snowy trees to make your room more ornamental in the winter season.

Snowman On Paper Plate Craft

Snowman On Paper Plate Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom.com

Make the best out of waste by using waste paper plates in making Snowman on paper plate craft.

Every kid likes snowmen and making snowmen by using paper plates will fill kids with immense joy. For making a Snowman paper plate craft you have to gather some paper plates, painting colors, black sheets for making caps, pencils, and scissors. Firstly, stick paper plates according to the shape of a snowman and then draw the features of the snowman and fill them with colors. This Snowman paper plate craft is very magnificent to look at and convenient to make. Make sure you’ll try to make this craft at home or school.

Snowman Craft Popcorn Boxes

Snowman Craft Popcorn Boxes Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: thecountrychiccottage.net

These Snowman craft popcorn boxes are very creative and useful to make. Watching movies and eating popcorn from this own handmade snowman craft popcorn box is like great contentment.

Who doesn’t like to watch movies and eat popcorn on the sofa during winter? Now, eat popcorn from these attractive snowman popcorn boxes. For making this you have to take a white paper sheet and fold it in the shape of a box that is open from the top then to make it splendid stick googly eyes, nose, and black paper dots for lips so that it will look like a snowman and done. Try to make these snowman popcorn boxes and impress your family with your creativity.

Polar Bear Handprint Craft

Polar Bear Handprint Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom.com

Do you know polar bears spend the arctic winter outside where temperatures could be -40 degrees F and they are so adorable that every kid likes it? So here we’re with an amazing Polar bear handprint craft idea.

You can make a Polar bear handprint craft by collecting some coloring sheets, pencils, glue, and scissors. Print your hand on white sheet paper and cut it also make ice cubes and snowflakes shape cutouts then stick them on another sheet. Your polar bear handprint craft is made by following a few steps only and it is so amazing to look which will attract every kid.

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Pom Pom Ornaments

Pom Pom Ornaments Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: lovelyindeed.com

POM POM ornaments are so colorful which is fascinating for kids and decorating them on Christmas will make Christmas decorations more joyful.

Pom-poms ornaments are very easy to make, kids in the age group 4 to 10 years enjoy playing with them it and it is very convenient for them to make. You need pom-poms, sheets, glue and scissors for making it. Firstly cut the pom-poms in the shape you want and then Stick colorful paper in them to make them more attractive.
These pom-pom ornaments look very beautiful in the room and also make Christmas decorations more magnificent so, you must try out these Pom Pom ornaments.

Cotton Ball Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Cotton Ball Paper Plate Penguin Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: ourkidthings.com

Penguins are so adorable and attractive that Everyone desires to see one, so why not make your penguin by making this cute Cotton ball paper plate penguin craft at home or school.

For making this cotton ball paper plate penguin craft, you need to assemble some paper plate, black paint, cotton ball, googly eyes, wool for the muffler, glue, and scissors. It is very easy to make only you have to color the paper plate with black paint and stick Googly Eyes, and the cotton ball to make it a penguin. Kids in age groups 5 to 10 love to play with this penguin and they admire making it.

Penguin Handband Craft

Penguin Hand band Craft Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom.com

Penguin hand band craft is a very creative craft that every kid can make. Kids enjoy wearing Penguin hand band crafts.

Penguin hand band craft is easily made by following a few steps only. You have to do is take the printout of the penguin and stick it over a piece of paper and then by using colored cardstock make it in size of your head so that it can easily fit on your head. This craft is quickly made and looks so adorable on kids’ heads in the winter season as penguins are known for winters. Try to make this bewitching penguin headband and flaunt it in front of your friends.

Winter Craft Snowflake Decorations

Winter Craft Snowflake Decorations
Image Source/Tutorial: theinspirationedit.com

Who doesn’t like to decorate their Christmas trees on Christmas, so this Christmas decorate your tree with these amazing winter craft snowflakes?

Every year we all wait for snowflakes in winter, it gives endless happiness to kids so this Christmas make snowflakes decorations. For making this you have to cut a glitter sheet of blue and white color in the shape of snowflakes and stick the ribbon on top of it so that you can easily hang it on your Christmas trees. These snowflakes decorations make your Christmas decorations more enthralling.

Color Changing Snowflakes Window Clings

Color Changing Snowflakes Window Clings Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: thecraftathomefamily.com

This is something new to try out and also makes every kid more enthusiastic. These color-changing snowflakes window clings change their colors and look so adorable.

Color-changing snowflakes are made by using color-changing glue, this glue is nontoxic so every parent can give their kids this glue without any worry. This glue changes its colors which is eye-capturing, you have to buy this glue and make snowflakes with it on your windows and then enjoy seeing it. It is a good creative idea for kids in the age group 7 to 12.

Paper Snowflake Templates

Paper Snowflake Templates
Image Source/Tutorial: brooklynberrydesigns.com

Paper snowflake templates are very decorative and easy to make craft ideas for kids to make in winter.

For making winter more alluring try to make this paper snowflake template. You don’t have to collect many things only you need paper, a pencil, and scissors. Make a design of snowflakes on a sheet and then cut it and done! If you’re lazy and don’t want to do any hard thing, then just try it out. This is the best craft you can make in your spare time moreover it is so decorative.

Foam Snowflake Craft

Foam Snowflake Craft Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Glitteronadime.com

If You See Foam Sheet In Your House And Don’t Know What To Do With It Then Definitely Try To Make This Very Pretty Foam Snowflake Craft.

For making this pretty Foam snowflake craft you need foam sheets, Glitter glue, gem stickers, paints, and scissors. Firstly cut the foam sheet in snowflakes shape or you can buy foam snowflake from the market and then decorate it according to your preferred colors and that’s it. Decorate these foam snowflakes in your house in winter.

Cardboard Tube Penguins

Cardboard Tube Penguins
Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda.com

Cardboard tube penguins are a very useful craft you can use them as a pen stand or color pen stands or anything you wish.

These cute Cardboard tube penguins are very convenient to make moreover you can use them for different purposes. For making this you need a cardboard sheet, colorful sheets, googly eyes, a glue gun, and scissors. Paste the cardboard sheet in a cylindrical shape and stick the colorful sheet and googly eyes on it. Use this Cardboard tube penguin as a pen stand, it looks so adorable on your study table.

Winter Hat Craft

Winter Hat Craft Winer Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: journeytosahm.com

Winters are not completed without winter hats, kids love to wear a winter hats. So, complete your winters by making these alluring winter hat crafts.

Draw winter hats on colorful sheets and paste cotton balls on them. It looks so adorable and colorful and looks like a Santa Claus Hat. Kids like to make these types of crafts which are pretty to look at and also it is related to Santa Claus which excites the kids more. Try to make this on your own and also teach your friends to make these adorable winter hats.

Colorful Wooden Peg Arctic Animals

Colorful Wooden Peg Arctic Animals
Image Source/Tutorial: sustainmycrafthabit.com

Make something Colorful and alluring!

Colorful wooden peg Arctic animals are a very pretty ornament and will embellish your Home Decoration. For making this you have to assemble some unique things like 3 Wooden peg people, an Acrylic paint brush, Acrylic paint colors, and a paint pen. If you want to try something new and innovative then you should make this craft and also show your creation to your Art teacher.

Colorful Winter Hat Craft With Scratch Art

Colorful Winter Hat Craft With Scratch Art Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: projectswithkids.com

Fill your winters with colors and make these magnificent Colorful Winter art craft with scratch art.

Scratch arts are so soothing and easy to make, If you never tried any Scratch-art before then a Colorful winter craft with scratch art is the perfect craft idea for you. All you need is some oil pastel colors, white cardstock, a toothpick, and some Pom-pom. Kids love wearing winter hats and creating one will excite them more, so try this Craft idea today and also share this idea with your friends.

Christmas Snowman Craft For Preschoolers

Christmas Snowman Craft For Preschoolers
Image Source/Tutorial: threekidsthreecatsandahusband.com

The Snowman is fun and this Christmas Snowman craft is perfect for kids.

Don’t know what to do with Waste Bottle jar caps, then here we are with the great idea to use these caps for making a fun-loving snowman. For making this craft all you need are Bottle jar caps, a glue gun, glittery beads, white paint color, googly eyes, and some more ornaments for making this craft more splendid. This craft is very easy to make and by following some steps you can make it very easily I’m sure you gonna love this Beautiful Snowman Craft.

Snowman Mason Jar

Snowman Mason Jar Winter Craft For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: funmoneymom.com

Give your Manson jar a wintery vibe and transform them into a cute snowman mason jar.

Every kid likes Mason jar right?  So Why not make them more beautiful by giving them a Snowman look. You have to take Mason jars and paint them in white color then make big black eyes, orange carrot shape nose, and Dots smile, also make it more attractive by adding ribbon on it as a snowman muffler. Snowman mason jar is a craft that every kid likes to make.

Penguin Painted Rocks

Penguin Painted Rocks
Image Source/Tutorial: thesoccermomblog.com

Turn simple, boring rocks into beautiful Penguin-painted rocks.

Penguin looks so innocent as every kid likes them and the Penguin-painted rocks look very cute and attractive. For making this all you need is some simple rocks, painting colors, and a pencil. You can use these Rocks as Paper stepping stones or as a Decorating ornament. Try this cute craft with your friends.

These are some Winter crafts ideas that kids can easily make to increase their inventiveness. I hope you’ll make these crafts and make your winters more exciting, For more ideas read more posts only on www.K4media.com and also let me know in the comments which craft idea you like the most.

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Thank you!

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