New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners

Way to 2022!!!

Isn’t so exciting crossing a year!!! 2021 has been a hard year for most of us. The problems of corona, quarantine, lots of death, and miseries. It has also given us some positive energy like spending time with family and friends, working at home, doing something interesting, giving yourself some time to your own. Let’s leave all our sorrows to go off with 2021 and welcome a new year filled with energy and laughter.

Let a new year make our lives HAPPY and bring the way for a lovely time. Forget everyone who does bad to you and appreciate everyone who supported you in all times.

New year’s eve becomes boring when you don’t do something new. Why not try some crafts and make yourself so cool?


New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners

1. The Usual Thing

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners The Usual Thing
New Years Resolution Writing Craft

When you think about a new year, the first thing that comes to your mind is RESOLUTIONS. No matter we follow it only for a week or else than that, these resolutions are given much importance. Resolutions are not just for reminding something they are to be followed every day. If there is something negative in you, you should completely change it because the new year is only for positive people. We all feel difficult to follow resolutions. Now take a different method to follow resolutions. Write these resolutions on a colorful board and make this card so beautiful. These can be hung on your walls, so that you follow whatever you write as a so-called resolution.

2. It’s Party Time

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners It's Party Time
New Year’s Party Hats

The new year is incomplete without parties. No matter how bored and tired you feel at the remaining part of the year, a new year’s Eve must be so exciting. We must be so happy and cheerful to welcome this year filled with happiness. No one knows what happens the next day or year, feel happy for now at the present. Spend time with people who really deserve your time. Time cannot be reversed. Make new year party hats and make the feel of the new year to everyone. Invite everyone to the party and have fun.

3. Tik Tik Tik Tik

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners Tik Tik Tik tik
Paper Plate Countdown Clock 

We all have the habit of watching the clock and shout when the clock strikes twelve. It gives and makes us feel the starting of a new year. The new year will be so interesting when you do the clocks are made by yourself and it gives an extra special feeling when time strikes twelve. Yup!!! It’s time to start a new year and time to make all our sorrows vanish off like the passing cloud. Do a beautiful look and place it in the party to make out a cool decorative.

4. It’s Time For Extra Sound And Love

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners It's Time For Extra Sound And Love
New Year’s Eve Noise Makers 

Crackers give us the feel of festivals and the festivals are incomplete without the sound of them. The double sound of the crackers together with the noisemakers is a constant thing. Do these noisemakers on your own and have fun. It is so cool to hear the sound coming out from it.

5. Cuckoo Cuckoo

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners Cuckoo Cuckoo
Countdown Clock Craft Using a Paper Plate

Let’s start the countdown… 10 9 8…oops!!! The clock doesn’t work!!! Don’t get upset. It’s time to make your own clock. It does not require much time and effort. Make a clock of your own and let this new year be a special one for you. Start this year with your special clock and have fun at your home. The new year is meant for special things and special people.

6. Countdown Ball

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners Countdown Ball
New Year’s Eve Countdown Ball

Bored of the same routine countdown??? Try something new!!! Make a countdown ball and count differently. Start the year with something unique and different from others. Decorate the ball as your wish. Stars are used as decorative to lighten up the year with glowing stars and moonlight. What are you waiting for?? Start the countdown as soon as possible. Let it be even days and months.

7. Countdown Notes

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners Countdown Notes
Kids Countdown Chain

Let’s make the countdown a game. Write notes in each number you count. Let it be a question or remainders or something else. It would be fun doing it and kids enjoy it. Kids don’t know about the new year and the celebration as they treat every year with the same energy and fun. So make them know what is so special in this year by doing all this. Let them call their friends and have fun together. They enjoy being in a gang than being alone. Start the year with special people and true friends.

8. Never Boring Traditions

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners Never Boring Traditions
Family Fun New Year Traditions

All of our families have some kind of a tradition on the night of the new year. They used to pray to god or have some chocolate cookies or a blast party. Whatever that is, family is everything. Whatever they say or do is for our good and they know the best. Do follow your traditions as they are the ones who stay with you throughout the year no matter how far you stay or what happens in life. Make something that is followed every year in your family and have a kind of family year.

9. It’s Snacks Time

New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kindergarteners It's Snacks Time
Fire Work Biscuits

The hunger for biscuits never stops whether it’s the new year or any ordinary day. We all love them a lot. What if they are decorated above it and it looks like fireworks?! It looks super cool and even people who hate biscuits will love it. This can be made very easily and let it be a family activity to do them. Each of them can make it according to their taste and innovation.

10. Party Time

Party Time

The new year is not fulfilled without parties. Each person has their own kind of party. But kids sleep in their rooms as usual because it’s just another day for them. Make this day something special for kids and makes a wonderful day for them. Invite their cute little friends and make them spend the day with happiness. Their happiness and smile can make us have a beautiful year ahead.

11. Tik Tik Game

New Year Clock Game

Games are an inevitable part of parties, particularly family parties. Bored of the usual games??? Make a new game and they will be loved by everyone in the family. This game is interesting and funny. Kids love this game. Play the game and side by side make a countdown for the new year.

12. Ring

Tik Tik Game
Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Whatever happens in life, try to glow out in the dark. This ring reminds to do so. Make the ring glow in the dark and it will be an interesting thing to do in the new year. Switch off all the lights around you and watch them glow in the dark.

13. Glittering Sticks

Glittering Sticks
Confetti sticks made from drinking straws craft for New Year’s Eve

The confetti sticks can be made from just straws. These are so cool to look at. Have this in your party and everyone will have an eye on it. This glitter a lot and it is so nice to look at. Why spend a lot to buy these?? Do this kind of stuff by yourself and make others proud of you. Let this new year start with a smile on your face

14. Confetti

Easy DIY confetti throwers with free printable

This kind of craft can be done easily and it is a kind of fun doing these. Kids can come together in gangs and do this kind of craft. It will be enjoyed by them when they do it together. When they do it together, the work burden will be low and they get to know each other. It will be fun doing all these.

15. Noisy Kids

Noisy Kids
Fun New Year’s Eve noisemaker craft for kids 

Noisemakers can be made by ourselves. These are loved by kids as they too make such a huge noise when we don’t give them what they need. Make a kid’s party with these noisemakers and let them have fun with their own friends.

The year comes to an end. 2021 has taught us many things. Learn from all of it, rectify the mistakes. Forgive people because love is something out of the world. Let 2022 be a year of love and happiness. Have a beautiful year ahead and all of our dreams come true.

Write your comments in the comment section. Stay tuned. And I forgot it!!!

Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤️

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