Animal Crafts For Kids to Make at Home

Kids and animals always make the best combo to play with. Kids learn and grasp pictorial representations easily into their minds. The craft ideas make kids engaged with themselves and also learn about the physical outlooks of the animals. Here are some of the easy craft ideas for the kids which can be done by themselves during projects or leisure time. These craft ideas are simple and unique and help children to easily learn about animals. Children wanting to create magic in their hands can easily create these crafts. There are plenty of craft ideas given below and each one seems to be very interesting to create.


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Animal Crafts For Kids to Make at Home

Colorful Bird Craft By Folding Method:

Animal Crafts For Kids to Make at Home
Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

With the help of coloured paper and a piece of cardboard, this bird is made. Fold any two colours of paper to get the wings and paste a colour paper on the cardboard to get the body of the crow. Use another colour for the tail and beak of the same. This easy craft idea enhances the interest to create more wonders with colours.

Make A Tall Giraffe With Your Short Hand:

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

Make a tall giraffe by tracing the outline of your hands to your elbow on yellow coloured paper. After drawing the facial parts and pasting pom poms for body spots of the giraffe it is now ready to be stuck for school projects or any puppet shows.

Craft Of A Spider:

Image Source/Tutorial: Twitchetts

Spiders are an excellent example of hard work.  Spiders can be easily found on corner of walls are construction sites. To make a spring spider at your home, take a black coloured paper and cut it into a circle. Paste the eyes of the spider and cut small rectangular pieces as it’s legs. To set it on a spring, take a paper and fold it . Fix the spider on to the spring and see how cute it goes up and down .

Snail With Colourful Beads:

Image Source/Tutorial: This N That With Olivia

A snail moves slow but you can make its craft very quickly. All you need is a paper plate , paper and colourful beads of various shapes. The shell of the snail is made with different coloured beads of star, circle and heart shapes. Make the neck and antenna of the snail with colour papers and stick them with the paper plates.

The Wally Walrus With Woollen Whisker:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

A walrus is a carnivorous marine animal that has a smooth body that is adapted to live in water. To make a walrus, take a piece of cardboard and cut it into two circular and two semicircle shapes. Paste the two circular parts as the face and body of it and the semicircular part as it’s legs. The fine whiskers are made with the help of black woollen thread and stick the ice sticks beneath the mouth. Paste the eyes and comment below how your walrus looks like

Beaded Pipe Butterflies Clips

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project At A Time

Butterflies adds beauty wherever they are . These butterfly crafts can be used to decorate your houses by sticking them onto the walls of the house or at the entrance door as a welcome note. These can also be used to play with their handy clipped structure .

A Puppet With A Bunny:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Bunnies have long ears which are their unique identity of cuteness. The bunny crafts can be used for puppet shows . To make them, take a piece of paper and cut them into two circular shapes. Paste two long ears for the bunny and make two holes in the lower part of the body. Put your finger into the hole and make the bunny dance.

The Babies Of Night Masters:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Owls are always awake during night times. A beautiful way of making this snow owl babies is using a black background to denote the night time and white paint for the owl. Take a black paper and paste a brown crushed paper as the bark of the tree. With a sponge, gently press the painting onto the black paper for three owl babies. Hang this painting with a frame on your study room.

Paper Plate Frogs With Protruding Tongue:

Image Source/Tutorial: Our Kid Things

Frogs make a unique sound during night times. Make your own frog to catch-up the bugs in your garden. Take a paper plate and cut it into semicircles. Paint it using green colour and make the eyes of the frog with white and black circular papers. Take a long strip of red paper and stick it on the mouth. Fold the paper so that it looks like a long tongue that catches the prey of the frog.

Colourful Attractive Paper Fish:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Fishes live in water. Do you want to make a fish to live on the land? Here is an amazing craft idea to make colourful fishes out of papers, scissor and staplers. Cut the papers with needed bends and make it hollow with staplers to stand steady. Make the fins and tail of the fish with the same coloured papers and paste some colourful beads on its body.

Paper Plate Eight-Legged Craft:

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

An octopus contain eight legs and hence its name signifies the same. It may be quite interesting to do this craft . Apart from bursting the bubbles on a bubble wrap, they can also be used as legs of an octopus. Paint the bubble wraps of eight numbers and paste them at the bottom of your coloured paper plate to get your octopus toy done.

The Art Of An Arctic Bear:

Image Source/Tutorial: A Dab Of Glue Will Do

Polar bears can’t be seen by everyone as they are found mostly in the Arctic regions. But now, its time to recreate them at your home. The paper plate bolar bear can be made with much ease with a pom pom nose to play with. They look more cute with a round face and little ears.

Chick Pupp Coming Out Soon!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

Making puppets of cute chicks increase chances of kids to develop interest towards dramatic plays and stories of birth. Those spongy body of the chicks made with feathers make it smooth and comfortable to play with. It is an easy winter craft that add extra stars to your craft diary.

Golden Fish With Egg Carton:

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

Have you ever played creating crafts with egg cartons? If not try them with this easy golden fish craft that looks more cute with pom pom eyes and spongy mouth. It is a type of reuse craft that uses the empty egg cartons and plastic covers. Making this fish out of these materials gives them more awareness about environment friendly ways of utilising materials.

Winter Animals With Toilet Papers:

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas For Kids

Toilet papers can also be made into a beautiful craft. Make polar bear, fox , penguins and owl . These are marvelous winter crafts that can help kids learn about winter animals and their body adaptation to stay in cold places.

Super Cute Chicks With Ice Lolly:

Image Source/Tutorial: Make And Takes

All you need is three ice lolly or popsicle sticks and a yellow paper from scrapbook to make these super cute chicks. Your little hands speaks more in this craft with the yellow paper. Trace your hands , cut and paste them as the hands of the little Chicks. They give more welcome to the Easter Sunday’s special occasions.

Paper Plate Fluffy Piggy:

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

The paper plate piggies do not ask you for any feed and sit quiet at your room. Make them piggies more pinky by colouring a semicircular paper plate. The eyes and nose of the pig are drawn easily with a black sketch. Make the legs and heel of the pig sharply. After your pig is crafted check out whether it asks you for feed.

Easy To Do Paper Penguins:

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

We make fun with rolled papers as binoculars and speakers. Why not try a winter creature with it? Make penguins at super ease with rolled paper. Easily learn shapes such as circle traingle and cylinders when you make this penguin. Cut small pieces for its legs and help them walk before the ice on the surface melts !

Snowy Owls With Foam Cups:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Making cute snowy owl kids with the help of foam cups is a kind of jolly winter craft. These crafts can stand steady and cute on your work table that reminds you of how you worked to make it. Remember to make the eyes bigger as owls are awake during dark times.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybugs:

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Lady bugs makes bussy sound in your garden. It is now time to make them with a rolled toilet paper. Make them adorable with dark spots on their red wings and a small antenna with black paper. Fix their googly eyes and make them stand straight as a best part of your autumn craft

Paper Plate Flamingo With Bubble Wrap:

Image Source/Tutorial: Make And Takes

No matter whether your kids wanted to learn about birds or colours, this creative craft can help you out.  This paper plate flamingo can be made of any colour by colouring the bubble wrap with paints. Make your flamingo stand with a cross legged style and see how standard it looks .

The Kids’ Kangaroo Craft:

Image Source/Tutorial: The Inspiration Edit

The paper craft kangaroos can help the kids to easily learn about the lifestyles of the animal and how they live. Cut the paper into the needed body shape of kangaroos and don’t forget to make a strong pouch. While real kangaroos carry their babies in their pouches, we can make them carry chocolates for us.

Super Cute Small Heart Bees:

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

To make these small heart bees cut the colour papers into shapes of hearts and make the face, body and wings of the bees. Do not worry .! These bees are not stingy and you can play with them anytime. Draw a smiling mouth for the bee and make two small antennas for it.

Easy Spoon Painted Ostrich:

Image Source/Tutorial: Our Kid Things

Bring out the art! Wake up the artist in you! All you need is a fork. Not to eat, but to paint this colourful ostrich. Dip the fork in whatever colour you want and draw stripes to make the ostrich. This is an easy to do summer art and helps in the secretion of happy hormones to the kids.

Woollen Wrapped Red Cardinals:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Cardinal birds are considered to be sent by the god . Create the red cardinal craft with woollen thread wrappings and feathers. The red colour of this craft makes is more attractive and it’s a symbol of courage. As this craft covers the most part in the red colour, crafts like these can help children know about each colour specifications.

Lion Cub With A Foam Cup:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

The king of the forest can now be made with our hands. All you need is a foam cup and colour it yellow. Cut pieces of woollen threads and paste all around the corners of the cups to get the hair of the cute lion cub. Paste the googly eyes and draw the nose of mouth with a sketch. Remember that the king should always be royal.

Paper Plate Green Turtle:

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplistically Living

Making paper plate turtles can be the best toy to play with during rainy season. Make them greenish with your paint brush and let them move slowly with the four legs you make. Children develop great interests to do bigger things when they make these smaller crafts easily.

The Toucan Bird With Cupcake Papers:

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

We already made a tree bark for the night master right? Use the same bark for the toucan to occupy. The tricoloured beak of it gives a pure sense of happiness and joy when we look at it. Now go and collect the cupcake liners to create this toucan within minutes.

With these amazing animal craft ideas for kids, you can help them learn about animals and also make them develop creative minds. These easy-to-do crafts with easily available materials increase the chances of material reusability.

For more art and craft ideas for kids and DIY projects do visit other articles.

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