Essay on ‘Child memories’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Child memories or sometimes even referred to as childhood memories are the memories collected by a person in his or her childhood period.
  • Childhood is that phase of life that is cherished by each and every one.
  • Memories created at that phase are known as childhood memories.
  • For child memories, creating memories is not a big deal, instead of remembering them is a big task.
  • Not each and every memory of our childhood is remembered by us.
  • Instead, only a few incidents are remembered by us from our childhood.
  • Child memories are a great factor that can influence the future behaviour of that person.
  • Many efforts are she’d by our teachers as well as parents to guide us and improve our memory from childhood only.

Essay on ‘Child memories’

      Childhood is the period of life where we start learning things from scratch. It is the most important and fun-filled period of time for each person.

      The things we do and the places we visit, all leave a kind of effect on our mind.

      As adult human beings, we tend to remember things correctly and in a more detailed version. However, if you say the same thing about childhood memories, it is not true. In our childhood, we tend to remember only a few incidents and a few things properly till the age of adulthood. 

Effects of Child Memories on the personality of people

  • Child memories play a very important role in shaping one’s future behaviour and personality.
  • Kids with good lifestyles and memories tend to be easier to approach in the future with a positive attitude.
  • Whereas, kids with difficult lives and from stressful environments, have many restrictions with complicated behaviour in the future.
  • Childhood memories can be said to be the mould for the future personality and behaviour.
  • Along with behaviour, childhood memories can also be said to be a very important part of life for people, as they can provide you with insight into your own personal life with close ones.

      Child memories can be remembered as a connection with some things or as a type of some incidents. 

      Memories can be divided into two parts, episodic memory and semantic memory.

      Episodic memory is a type of memory that stores all the information about personal events and personal feelings attached to someone or something.

      Semantic memory is related to all the things we learn in our life with the facts and questions that can be answered.

      Teachers are trained to teach the students to improve their memory power as well as to help them make use of their memory for future help.

      Along with teachers, parents and family plays an important role in creating as well as helping to create childhood memories.

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