Essay on ‘Effects of unemployment’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Unemployment can be defined as the condition of a person in which he or she is actively looking for a job and is capable of doing a job, however unable to get the job.
  • Unemployment is a very big issue that needs to be dealt with accurately in many big countries such as India.
  • When there is a large population of unemployed people, it has many negative effects around it.
  • There are many causes of employment and many reasons for one person to be unemployed even after being capable of capturing it.
  • Unemployment always has its effect on a larger scale and on nations if kept unsolved. It also has effects on a small scale but is less severe when compared.

Essay on ‘Effects of unemployment’

      Unemployment stands for the condition of a person in which he or she is unable to find a job for themselves even after being capable and eligible for the job.

      These can be because of many reasons dealing around the jobs and their related aspects.

      The issue of unemployment needs to be resolved as soon as possible or it can lead to great damage on a big level.

The reasons for the unemployment

  • Increased population- As there is a great increment in the population of a specific country, there will be an equal number of people seeking jobs. However, it is not always possible to provide jobs to that many people and hence unemployment goes on increasing.
  • Immobile Labour- Many people like to work where their family lives. Due to the attachment issue, they don’t like to go too far places for work. Hence, they stay at the same place looking for a good job for a longer period of time making them included in the unemployed person.
  • Seasonal Occupation- Some occupations are season based, the best example of this is agriculture. For those planning to work in this type of field, stay unemployed once the season is over.
  • Along with this, there are many other reasons for unemployment.

Effects Of Unemployment

  • Unemployment has many adverse effects.
  • For an individual, unemployment can cause a person to go into depression due to mental pressure. It can also cause them to go through financial crises and pressure to fulfil the demands of loved ones.
  • If there is increasing unemployment or a group of unemployed people it can eventually affect the economy of that country.
  • Unemployed groups of people can cause the misuse of resources along with the exploitation of labour and their needs.
  • If unemployment is not reduced and constantly goes on increasing, it will eventually leave a great mark for the political parties currently at the positions.
  • The only possible advantage of unemployment till now understood is that it can provide us with labour that too with small wages.

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