Essay on ‘Importance of recycling’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Recycling is the re-use of thrown away items, which if not used can go to the trash corner.
  • Recycling is the process of reusing the same thing twice or more.
  • There are different methods used for the recycling of different things.
  • Recycling has great advantages for human beings in all possible aspects.
  • Recycling can also help us to reduce pollution.
  • Overall, recycling is of great importance and can help us all to save nature and natural resources.
  • Recycling can also be of three different types, and we can consider the type depending upon the thing used for recycling.
  • Nowadays, there has been a great effort put up by each individual as well as groups to reduce the wastage of resources and hence started using recycled items with the tag of “best out of waste”.

Essay on ‘Importance of recycling’

      There have been many generations of waste products due to many reasons such as increasing population, increasing uses of resources, etc.

      To overcome this issue, there has been a method used for many years.

      The method used to reduce the waste products and reuse them, there has been a term used known as “recycling”.

      Recycling of products stands for the condition in which we reuse things which have been already used before for the same or different purposes by taking all the precautionary measures whichever is required.

Types of Recycling

Basically, there are three types of recycling.

  • Primary Recycling-  It is a type of recycling in which the recycled things are again turned into the same thing or almost similar thing. Such as recycled paper is again turned into paper.
  • Secondary Recycling- In this type, the recycled thing is converted into something new made up of the same material. An example of this is used tires, tires are made up of rubber and recycled rubber is then used for other purposes.
  • Tertiary Recycling- In this method, A complete breakdown of things is achieved by the use of chemical processes and other things and a whole new thing is gained back.

Importance Of Recycling

Recycling can help us all to conserve energy.

  • By the use of the method of recycling, we can actually reduce air and water pollution.
  • We all know, greenhouse gases are increasing very rapidly, by the use of recycling processes, we can get some change in their increment.
  • By the re-use of already used products, we can conserve natural resources also.
  • Recycling also helps us to save our already endangered wildlife and nature.
  • Recycling can also help us in a way to provide employment to job seekers by creating opportunities for new work.

      However, we all should keep in mind that not all things can be recycled. Waste products such as plastic can not be recycled and are toxic to nature. We all should avoid using those types of things.

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