Essay on ‘Corruption’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Corruption can be said as any dishonest activity done by someone in exchange for a bribe for their personal use.
  • Corruption is mostly done by those who have some of the power with them.
  • Even though corruption is a big word, it can be found in many small places and small decisions also.
  • Corruption can always be said as a bad thing, but that is not necessarily to be true.
  • Some corrupt things are nothing but just an exchange of things between two people or a group of people for their own basic needs.
  • The practice of corruption is done to mostly find the shortcuts for the possible results.
  • However, as a good human being, we should never participate in any kind of activities that fall under bad habits.

Essay on Corruption

          Corruption can be found in the life of all classes of people just like blood cells in the human body. The practice of corruption has deepened its core to such an end that nowadays to even do a simple task, there needs to be some bet against it.

          The most basic example of corruption from our basic life is when we need to ask for something from our parents, we start off with our demand followed by the things in return that we can do for it. All these efforts just to fulfil our needs.

          The bigger example of corruption is from the politicians who give off different things to people just to increase the number of their followers.

      Corruption is always a big reason for concern. Especially in our country as the habits that involve personal gain with the exchange of valuables are not necessarily always good for all people.

Sometimes in the race of corruption, many people can be laid back because of no proper resources to fulfil their wishes.

       Corruption can be proved as a blessing for many people, and it can be a curse for many.

          The need for us to ensure worry regarding corruption is because it has crossed its basic limit. The only way corruption can be limited can be done by starting self-practice.

          Irrespective of the easy way or shortcuts offered with corruption, if we all decide on our own to not fall for them. Then only there can be hope to look for a corrupt-free future with us in it.

          Corruption does not increase the sources, instead, corruption decreases the source and exploits many basic things along with rules.

          To have a clear future away from corruption, we all should start practising for it on our own.

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