Essay on ‘Is it good to be bilingual?’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Bilingual is the ability of a person to speak two languages fluently.
  • Speaking more than one language can always be a good point in a personal way.
  • It is also recommended and taught by all the teachers and our parents to learn more than one language.
  • In school, we learn many languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, etc. 
  • The aim for the school curriculum to teach us more than one language is to help us in future.
  • When we travel from one place to another, there is always the need to lookout for different languages to speak along.
  • The question is, is it good to be bilingual?. Surely, it is good to be bilingual. Being Bilingual can help you to converse with different people.


What does it means to be bilingual?

          Bilingual is the ability gained by one’s own ability to speak two languages fluently. Speaking one language is mandatory to survive in this world and to convey your thoughts and words to others. However, having more than one language to converse with other people can help you to put out your thoughts to different people more clearly.

          Being Bilingual is considered as an additional point for your own personality. Being Bilingual can make your personality stronger and can increase your value in the group.

          The question is, is it good to be bilingual?

          The answer to this question can be said undoubtedly that it is very good to be bilingual. Being Bilingual can strengthen your personality along with many other advantages. It can also increase your confidence and focus. Being Bilingual can get you different angles of things as it can force you to look for different things and out of your thoughts. 

          According to some theories, it is said that being Bilingual can change your personality depending upon the language you speak. However, bilingual people can sometimes be at a disadvantage and can appear as an egoistic person due to their own thinking.

          Learning should be considered as the only aim of life. By continuous learning, we can achieve many big things. The school curriculum of Indian students is planned in such a way that they can actually speak more than one language. They can also work on more than one thing.

          As of current situation, English is considered as the most common language, with each and every person having their own different mother tongue. This itself can make us all bilingual.

Being Bilingual can actually increase our focus and way of thinking with different aspects.

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