Essay on ‘First aid’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • First aid is the first most assistance provided to any injured or needed person.
  • First aid has many great advantages over the final treatment and cure.
  • For everyone, having knowledge of first aid is very important.
  • First aid is said to be the first step towards the main treatment done by health care professionals.
  • When we find an injured person on the way somewhere, the first thing needed to be done is to help out that person instead of waiting for that person to ask for help.
  • If we find an injured person on the way with blood flowing through the wound, our first step should be to stop the bleeding and then to take them to a nearby hospital.
  • For every different kind of situation, there is the different first aid to be provided and different rules to be followed.
  • It is very important for all of us to be aware of first aid in different basic situations.

Essay on ‘First aid’ for Grade 3

First Aid and its importance

      First aid is the most essential help provided by any nearby person or available person to ease out the situation of an injured person. While walking down the stairs in school, suddenly we skip out the steps and fall down. This causes us to get hurt and sometimes there can be some blood seen on the injured area. 

      In a situation like this, we should be aware of the things that should be done by us and things that we need to avoid. Such as we should avoid overuse of injured body parts and should carefully handle the injured area to avoid any infection happening over there.

      Along with the first aid, we should also follow up with the doctor afterwards to be always on the safe side.

Example of when we can need First Aid

  • While working on the craft project, suddenly there is a cut on my finger.
  • What should I do? For instance, many kids suck up their fingers and blood from it, but that is not the proper thing to do.
  • The flowing blood needs to be stopped with a clean handkerchief or cloth and the injured area should be disinfected.
  • And at last, a visit to the doctor’s clinic should be made or if we are in school we should inform the class teacher about it.

Importance of The Knowledge of First Aid

  • The knowledge of first aid should be taught by teachers to all students as very important information and this knowledge should be taken by every student seriously.

The sharing and learning of knowledge related to first aid are beneficial for everyone as they can prevent any big damages in the future.

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