Essay on ‘Eating healthy’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Eating is considered one of the most basic needs of human beings.
  • We all are required to eat at a particular interval or after some particular time to survive.
  • Eating can include many things such as time to eat, things to eat, ways to eat, etc.
  • Our way of eating things can actually decide many future things.
  • Our choice of food can give us strength to do work or it can also make us unwell.
  • Eating healthy food is very much important for all of us.
  • By eating healthy we can not only save ourselves from many diseases but can also lead a healthy life.
  • Healthy foods include items such as vegetables, fruits, vitamins, minerals, cereals, etc.
  • The junk food consumed by all of us in the name of snack counts under unhealthy food.

Essay on Eating healthy

          Eating healthy food is always recommended by our parents and teachers to us to maintain a good lifestyle. Whenever we go for a visit to some tourist places, eating outside food is not permitted to us. The main reason behind that is to avoid eating unhealthy food.

          Healthy food can include food items that are in the proper portion with minerals, vitamins, protein, etc. 

          The food that we eat prepared by our mother is properly washed, perfectly cooked and then passed on to us. The reason behind undergoing this many steps is to make sure that there are no harmful bacteria remaining in food items. 

          When there is so much effort given by our parents, we should take care of our eating habits and should avoid eating packed items and roadside items.

          We should focus on eating homemade food rather than asking for food from some hotels.

          When we eat food, the food inside our body starts getting mixed with our blood by different processes. Hence, when we eat healthy food, our body can get a good amount of important things in it as compared to junk food that can provide no good quality food for our body.

          Eating healthy not only includes the food we eat, it also includes the amount of food we need. Sometimes overeating can cause many issues with our body and can get us lazy. And under-eating can make you weak and fall for disease.

          The time when we eat food should also be kept in mind. We all should avoid eating dinner just before sleeping.

          For us to live a life free from diseases and body issues, healthy eating habits and diet should be kept in mind and followed seriously.

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