Essay on ‘Terrorism’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Terrorism can be said as the unlawful and unnecessary use of violence for personal agenda or for political use.
  • Terrorism is a very big issue that needs to be dealt with with proper rules and regulations.
  • Many people try the method of violence to induce their fear in people and to take advantage of this fear for their own benefit.
  • To overcome the issue of terrorism, each and every country has their own predefined guidelines and measures to follow in need of emergency.
  • The effect of terrorism has a great effect on the normal life of people, as a single threat of terrorism can actually create fear and can disturb the normal routine life of common people.
  • To deal with terrorism, many anti-terrorism organizations are built with a planned strategy and military force to cover up for the emergency time.

Essay on Terrorism

Who are Terrorists and What is Terrorism?

          Terrorists are those people who live out terrorism. Terrorism is a great cause of concern to be dealt with. Terrorists are those people who use violence even when it is not required, just to put up their point of fear in people or to just gain upper hand in political issues.

          To deal with terrorism, there are many different measures taken up in each country with respect to their own rule and regulations. Terrorism can be spread on the basis of many topics, some of the most famous topics are religion, region, nationality, etc. 

          For a nation to be terrorism free, strict guidelines and rules should be given. Along with strict guidelines and rules, strict measures should be taken when required and a proper security system should be maintained.

          People believing in terrorism are said to belong to no proper nationality or proper religion, as their main aim is to create fear or horror in people’s minds related to them. Some major political parties use the chance created by terrorists to make their own name and some people sometimes create a chance for themselves by actually getting into it.

          For all of us, it should always be clear in mind that terrorism is no way to solve anything and with terrorism, we can get to nowhere.

          If there are few people believing in terrorism, their thoughts should be changed and they should be shown the right way by the use of law.

Some of the biggest acts of terrorism in India are the 2005 Delhi Bombings, 26-11 July Mumbai Bomb Blasts, September 16-2016 Uri Attack, etc.

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