Essay on ‘Horror films’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Horror Movies are one of the genres of movie types.
  • People tend to watch movies in their free time as a kind of time pass.
  • Movies are also enjoyed as the best stress-buster in our daily routine life.
  • Even though watching movies is considered a stress buster for almost everyone, not everyone can watch horror movies.
  • Watching horror movies can cause us to have a change in blood pressure and increase our heartbeat.
  • Faint-hearted people should avoid watching horror movies, especially alone.
  • People who can bear watching horror scenes can enjoy watching movies.
  • Some people also go with the horror genre of movies just to challenge their fear and check their abilities.

Essay on Horror films

          Watching movies is considered as one of the best stress-busters in the daily hectic schedule of each person. We all enjoy watching movies whenever we get time to do so. It is very important to have something as a stress-buster in our daily routine life.

Types of movies

  • Movies come in many different genres.
  • Some movies are based on the life of people known as autobiography.
  • Some movies are just for entertainment purposes but with the genre of comedy.
  • Just like that, many people enjoy watching horror movies.

Horror Movies

  • Horror movies have the purpose of frightening the audience within some limits just for entertainment purposes.
  • Watching horror movies can be found as the favourite time pass for a particular person and their interest.
  • Some people seek different kinds of peace and enjoyment in watching horror movies.
  • With this thinking, different people enjoy different kinds of genres and different things for their entertainment purposes.

Horror Movies are not for everyone

  • Even though people enjoy watching movies within their interest.
  • Horror movies are not for everyone to watch.
  • Those who are easily frightened by different kinds of audio and visuals should actually avoid watching horror movies.
  • Horror movies can actually increase your heartbeats and can change your blood pressure.
  • Horror movies can also cause us to sweat our palms and tighten our muscles.
  • If someone is said as a faint-hearted person, then he or she should actually avoid watching horror movies too, especially alone.
  • However, if you want to challenge your fear you can give it a try.
  • Some people are not afraid to watch horror movies and are not much affected by the scenes.
  • They can watch it and enjoy it.

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