Essay on ‘Time management’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Managing time is a very important aspect of human life.
  • From the start of our day, our time needs to be managed.
  • Without proper time management, we are always at loss.
  • Time is money, this proverb does not just compare time to money, instead, it compares the value of money with the value of time.
  • Time can be wasted or can be utilised, depending upon you.
  • Wasted time will always make you feel at loss, however, the utilised time can make a great improvement for you.
  • Let’s just take the example of us getting ready for school.
  • If we can wake up in time, then each and every work gets completed without any fuss.
  • However, when we wake up late or get a little late, that time there is so many things missing out.
  • Even when we wake up late for school, the biggest challenge and best solution is to manage the remaining time.
  • In place of crying over the lost time, one should know how to utilise the remaining time and how to complete the pending work.

Essay on Time management

          Time Management is not just any ordinary thing that needs to be learned. Time management is one of the most essential skills any person of any age should have. It doesn’t matter if you are 50 years old or 8 years old. You should be able to manage your time for your chores.

          Have you ever seen any teacher teaching some things in class but skips some parts so that there won’t be any pending work after that period..

          Well, that is one of the best examples of time management.

          Have you ever seen your father waking up with the help of his alarm or your mom daily at a particular time? Why is it needed?

          Well, all these things count up in time management only.

          Managing time can also give you the confidence of being the best and can make a good impression of yourself in front of others.

Have you ever listened to the thought, time waits for no one?

          What does it mean? Have you ever thought about that?

           Time waits for no one can also be said in a way like time never stops. If you have woken up half an hour before your time and are unable to go back to sleep. Not to worry, time does not wait for anyone and this half an hour will also be completed soon.

          People who like to waste time need to always be prepared to face any difficult situation. As time is one of the very important aspects of life. Without time management, it’s very difficult to achieve anything good and positive in life.

          Time management should be underplayed and can not be taken lightly. Eventually in the future, these things can only help us to achieve our dreams.

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