Essay on ‘Importance of family’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Family is a very important part of everyone’s life.
  • It is said by all that in prioritising people, family comes on top.
  • Family members are the most important and close ones to each and every one.
  • The family has a great impact on every individual.
  • The family has the ability and responsibility to teach values and manners to individuals.
  • Family can include people like Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and many other basic relations.
  • Family members are those with whom we share the same bloodline.
  • The family has a great role in shaping an individual.
  • Family can be said as the biggest strength and biggest support for everyone.

Essay on ‘Importance of family’

      As an individual, we begin to learn things from our childhood.

      Every child has basic education from his or her own home only.

      Children are said to be best at observing things and copying them.

      So as a start they start copying family members and their habits. Which with time can change into their own habit.

      This means we get many things from our family only.

      The family has a great role in shaping one’s future and personality.

       Not only it moulds the children into some particular things, it is also responsible to be there for every child or adult when required.

      Family is not something that needs to just be given something, sometimes family can actually become your support.

Roles of the family

  • The family has their biggest role is being a teacher.
  • Family needs to teach values, morals and ethics to each individual.
  • The family has another important role of always being there as a support for every family member.
  • Whenever someone is in need of some support, the family should always be first to provide it.
  • Another role of the family is to care for each other every time.
  • The other important role of a family is to be always there for other family members and help them with their needs.
  • Sometimes, there can be a need for suggestions to one member of the family, at those times the family should be the one to provide it.
  • Families should have the responsibility of supporting each other during good and bad times.
  • Apart from this, there are many roles of the family which need to be fulfilled in order to be a great person.

Family is something that needs to be present in everyone’s life. It is something that can help you get your base morals and ethics. Which can eventually help you to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong in future based on your learning.

      Family is necessary to live strongly in this society.

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