Essay on ‘Honesty’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Honesty is the Best Policy. This proverb is the most common proverb said by everyone.
  • But what does it actually stand for?
  • Honesty is the ability to do something with utmost truth and straightness.
  • Honesty can be used to define the character of a person.
  • Honesty accompanied by other positive things can actually define the character of a person and its personality.
  • An honest person is looked up to by everyone and trusted by all.
  • Honesty sometimes can also mean for someone who does not lie and speak the truth only.
  • There can be many definitions of honesty depending on its kind of use.
  • However, it will always define your character irrespective of the definition.

Essay on ‘Honesty’

          We all have heard the proverb “Honesty is the best policy”. This proverb means that honesty is the best option under any circumstances. Being honest can get you many advantages over other people.

          Generally, everyone likes to trust and maintain a relationship with honest people. Sometimes it can get a little bit difficult, to be honest. Under those kinds of situations, a person should keep in mind that being honest will not only get him/her out of the difficulty but will also help them to define their own character.

          Nowadays, finding an honest person is very difficult due to the overuse of lies. Maybe that’s why there’s so much hatred and failure around us.

          Being honest will not only define your character, but it can also help you to attain success in life and all along with the different phases of life.

          Some people think of honesty as just one thing that does not require to be learned or taught. Being honest should be considered as the topmost priority of everyone and a child should be taught to be honest right from his childhood. 

          Sometimes for a moment of time, or for some amount of time, you can feel that being honest can get you stuck in some situation or it can work against you. But you should keep in mind that there is no greater value than your own morals.

     Even if the situation seems tough and there is no place for Honesty, you should be firm with your morale and stick to honesty. Eventually, you will realise that you were correct in your decision and will be pulled out of the difficult phase.

However, easier said than done. It requires a great will for a person to stand by honesty. As honesty is the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and to stand by the right against wrong.

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