Essay on ‘My last summer vacation’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Summer vacation is that part of the year for which we all wait patiently to arrive.
  • The plans and preparation for summer vacations start from a very long time and all the arrangements are done before the arrival of summer vacations.
  • The place to visit, the days of visiting, other places included, extra activities involved, etc. All these preparations are done before summer vacation.
  • Just like every year, my last summer vacation was spent in my village with other elder people in my family.
  • My native place is Gujarat. Every year we go to the native place to spend our summer vacations over there.
  • The general stay for all of us is about 20-25 days.
  • The days spent over there are always fun filled with many different activities happening around.
  • For my last summer vacation, there were many close relatives with many fun filled moments with it.
  • I wish to always spend my vacations in a similar way.


          After the final exams, every student waits for that one thing to arrive. The arrival of summer vacations. For every summer vacation, almost all families go to different destinations as per their rituals. 

          I spent my last summer vacation in my native place with my other close relatives. The time spent with all the older people in the native place gives different kinds of happiness. The nature present over there gives us the freshness of mind along with the chance to live in a pollution free environment.

          The lives over here are very busy and hectic for all, to have some holiday from daily life summer vacations are the best time of year.

          Last year during our stay in native place, there were many different activities done by all of us which is not possible over here. We as a group of all cousins used to roam around the village and used to look out for different objects not seen in city life. The whole family used to gather for lunch and dinner together with chit-chats and find a filled atmosphere.

          In the village, we had a great time playing with animals and learning their routines. We got the chance to travel in different kinds of vehicles in place of cars and bikes. 

             The nights in the village used to come with a different beautiful scene of a starry night sky. The gazing of stars is one of my favourite things about the village.

             Overall, it was a beautiful experience of summer vacation spent in the village. I wish to always have a similar kind of experience for each summer vacation. 

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