Essay on ‘Is tattoo art?’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Tattooing is the process of modifying the upper layer of skin called a dermis with ink or dye.
  • It is done on multiple body parts with the intention of beautifying or changing them. 
  • Tattooing is the change done to the body part whereas the process is called tattooing.
  • Tattoos can be either permanent or temporary.
  • Sometimes tattoos are also done to hide somebody scars.
  • But the question is, is tattoo an art?. The answer to this question can be best understood as the category tattoo comes under.
  • Tattoo is said to be an art and tattooist is said to be an artist.
  • The unsaid rule for anything to be considered as an art is to be creative with devotion towards that thing.
  • With these things, tattoos can be considered an art.

Essay on ‘Is tattoo art?’ for Grade 3

          Tattoos include the inking or dyeing of the body parts and the upper surface of the skin. With a tattoo on the body, that part tends to appear attractive. 

          Just like henna, tattoos can also be done in various designs and ways. Some people like to ink the first letter of their name or their loved one’s name. Some people like to draw out designs and intricate patterns. Whereas some people like to go on with their favourite number or character on their body part.

          Tattoos can be done either permanently or temporarily, permanent tattoo does not get away from the skin once done. Whereas there is always the chance for the temporary tattoo to go away within some amount of time and another tattoo can be applied on its place also. 

          Tattooists are those people who have the art to apply tattoos on the interested person. Tattooists can have their own speciality in tattoos and their form. Some tattooists are famously known for their work with the alphabet or some have their speciality with intricate patterns.

          The most famous body parts for tattoos are the waist, forehand, at the backside of the neck, etc.

          Tattoos are the basic part of life involved in daily routine life for a very long time.

          There is a long debate on whether the tattoo is an art or not? The best answer to this question can be best understood by one’s own self only. If a person is dedicated to tattooing and has a pure dedication towards it, it can be considered an art.

          Every art has its own fallout and every art has its own trends and positive aspects.

          Tattoo is basically considered as an art and is in a great trend recently.

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