Essay on ‘Sports and Games’ for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Sports are my best stress buster.
  • I enjoy watching and playing sports.
  • Playing games in the free time of my school period with my friends makes my school life very enjoyable.
  • My PT teacher helps us all to understand new games and new rules of playing sports.
  • Playing sports is also good for body health.
  • Sports can keep our mind and body.
  • My favourite sports are Cricket and Hockey.
  • My favourite cricket Player is Virat Kohli.
  • Along with sports, I like to play games on the computer also.
  • The games taught to us in our computer period is one of the main reasons for me to wait for them.
  • Playing games and sports is a very positive thing for all of us, especially after our exams.
  • My parents do not allow us to play games and sports during exams, however, they allow us to plays them as soon as our exam gets over.

Essay on Sports and Games for Grade 3

          I like to play sports and games as well as I like to watch someone play them. I enjoy playing some basic sports with my own friends after school hours. My mom says playing sports and games can help us learn how to work in unity. Sports can also teach us that life is not always about winning, it is about learning and enjoying.

          When we get any free time in school, I play indoor games with batchmates. Either sports or indoor games, there is always a good reason to play them. During exams, we avoid playing any games or sports. However, once exams get over we can always go back to our routine. Sometimes, when we are very much tense or when we have any issue in between our friends. The first option to solve all these things and the chance to have a talk happens at the start of any game.

          When it’s time for some cricket league such as IPL or World Cup Match, I enjoy watching them with my parents and family members.

          When there is a holiday for a festival, we play games and sports with cousins and other family members.

Importance of Sports and Games in Daily Routine

  • Playing sports can actually help us to know how to make decisions on the spot.
  • It can also help us to get the ability to pick out the main thing from a lot of options.
  • While playing any game, we can increase our focus and can apply that to the study also.
  • Sometimes playing games can result in us getting hurt or sometimes can even result in some complications.
  • However, those things can help us learn things real quick.
  • At those times forgiving the one who hurt you can show your personality.
  • And handling the situations can make others realise your potential.

          Games and sports are one of the major subjects present in each and every children’s life.

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