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The idiom “Small family happy family” is one that we have all heard. This phrase reflects that even a small family has bigger benefits than the big one. But, whether the family is big or small, it is the most valuable asset in everyone’s life. A family is what gives us the strength to deal with every kind of situation.

I am so lucky to say that I have a wonderful family. My family is a happy family and I love them very much. My family consists of my father, mother, younger brother, younger sister, and grandparents. We are very close to each other.

My father is a businessman. He works really hard to take care of us. On the other hand, my mother and grandmother are housewives. My grandfather is a retired government servant. My siblings are studying in their junior school.

My grandmother used to tell us stories daily and I really enjoy them. I and my siblings enjoy and have fun together. We often fight over silly things but they are the reason to smile. We adore each other a lot. We too have a pet dog whose name is Bruno. He is very obedient and always follows our commands.

My family always motivates me to move further in life. They are a great inspiration for me. The moral values instilled in me are only because of them. The traits and values I gained from my family have helped me to mold my life in a positive way. We are a happy family and we always share time with each other. Everyone eats dinner together and we laugh and talk together. We always care for each other. We always go for holidays every year at the time of vacation.

In today’s world, where we see family members fighting and separating, I am fortunate that my family is not like that. We share a close bond with one another. Whatever the problem comes, we face them together. The most special thing about our family is that we never hesitate to talk or share anything. In my family, each and every member is valued and listened to.

I thank God that he gifted me with such an amazing and precious family. Even though my family members may disagree and fight frequently about petty things, they always stand with us through our highs and lows. My family does not have a lot of money or fortune, but what we do have is an abundance of love for one another that is unmatched by anything in this world.

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