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Autumn arrives just after summer and before winter. The weather is highly affected by this season. The autumnal equinox marks the beginning of autumn, and the chilly winters mark the end. This is considered to be the most pleasant season. This is also the highly awaited season.

Autumn is the ideal time to harvest fruits. And during this season, farmers harvest the majority of the crops. Consequently, the farmers place a lot of importance on this season. A wide variety of lotus flowers can be seen in this wonderful season. This is a particularly lovely time of year since nature is so peaceful.

Autumn is a little unique compared to the other seasons because it has quite more diverse environmental patterns than winter or summer. At this time of year, nature is so pure and lovely. The atmosphere seems really calming during this time. People adore going on tours and family outings.

Different countries experience autumn at different times. But in India, this lasts from September through November. Each season is special in its own way. Similarly, in autumn, the leaves begin to fall off the trees, that’s why it is sometimes referred to as “fall”. The lack of rainfall in this season causes the leaves to begin to dry out, which causes them to fall. In the winter, new leaves emerge. The leaves and grass start turning yellow from green and the earth’s surface is covered in crumpled leaves. The splendor of autumn is so special.

During this season, animals begin their winter preparations. Some bird species, such as cuckoos move to warmer climates. Small creatures like mice and squirrels begin to store food for winter. They stay inside their burrows during the winter and only consume the food that they have stored in autumn. In the winter, animals like bears and turtles seek out a warm area to hide.

As soon as autumn hits, many vegetables and fruits start to grow. Some items like carrots, oranges, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, grapes, apples, etc. begin to appear in markets.

In fact, in India, this is a splendid festive season. Festivals like Navaratri, Durga Puja, and Diwali are celebrated during this period of time.

This season reveals a completely different side of nature. Everyone enjoys the pleasant weather throughout this season. This pleasing season gives people a new ray of hope as it tells that even though the leaves fall, new ones will eventually replace them.

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