Essay on ‘Natural resources’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Natural Resources are those resources that have nothing to do with human beings.
  • Natural Resources are found in nature without any assistance from human beings.
  • Natural Resources can be renewable or nonrenewable.
  • Earth consists of many types of natural Resources.
  • Natural Resources have helped human beings for a long amount of time. However, nowadays there is a great need for the use of natural resources.
  • To fulfil that demand, natural resources should be conserved and used smartly.
  • To conserve natural resources, there is a use of the 3 R’s rule.
  • Human life has been dependent on natural resources for a longer period of time. Now it’s time for all of us to pay back to nature and increase its resources by our own intelligence.

Essay on ‘Natural resources’

      Natural Resources are the ones that occur in nature on their own. It has nothing to do with human work.

      Any natural substances that are used by human beings can be termed natural resources.

Types of Natural Resources

  • Natural Resources can be basically of two types.
  • Renewable Natural Resources.
  • Non-renewable Natural Resources.

      Renewable Natural Resources are those resources that can be again replaced by nature as soon as we use them. Examples of this are wind, sunlight, etc.

      Non-renewable Natural Resources are those that can not be replaced once used. Instead, they are found in nature within fixed numbers. Examples of this are Wood, fossil fuels, etc.

Methods for the conservation of Natural Resources-

  • Natural Resources are always in demand for the fulfilment of the needs of human beings.
  • In the race of human survival, many natural resources have been used. As the population goes on increasing, the need for natural resources also arises.
  • To use the natural resources properly, there is a rule known as 3 Rs. The three R’s stand for Reduce, Reuse, and recycle.
  • By using this rule, not only can we save natural resources but there can be a way to use the same resource more than once.
  • Other ways of saving our natural resources can include methods like using any alternative in place of non-renewable sources.
  • The other best way of conserving natural resources includes teaching people about the importance of natural resources and why they need to be conserved.
  • The other common use for the conservation of resources is proper planning and regulations for the use of resources.

      Natural Resources are one of the best gifts given to human beings by nature. We all should be grateful for it and should avoid wasting natural resources.

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