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Key Points

  • Capital punishment is the death penalty given to someone by the court.
  • Capital punishment can be defined as a legal action taken against someone who has done some crime with the death penalty.
  • Capital punishment is given to those who have done big crimes or inhuman acts like rape, killing, mass killing, etc.
  • Capital Punishment can be given in different ways depending on the crime and objections.
  • However, capital punishment is still a subject for discussion.
  • Some people still feel capital punishment is not a true justification for the criminal.
  • The main aim of giving punishment through legal actions is to free our nation from criminals and to provide a way for criminals to walk on the right path along with repentance for their crime through punishment provided by the court.

Essay on Capital punishment

Capital punishment is given to those criminals who are in charge of inhuman activities such as killing, rape, mass killing, etc.

      Capital punishment is the biggest kind of punishment offered by law.

      A person given capital Punishment means he or she is given a death statement.

      There are many ways of giving capital punishment.

      The way of punishment depends upon their crime and charges.

The ways of capital punishment are-

  • Hanging- It is one of the most common and famous punishments known by the general public. In this punishment, a criminal is hanged by the rope till his or her last breath.
  • Electrocution- It is another dangerous way through which capital punishment is processed. In this method, a criminal is given an electric current till the time of death.
  • Poisoning- It is a method in which a criminal is injected with a kind of medicine that has the ability to kill human beings. It is also known as death by lethal injection.
  • Gas Chamber-  This is the most expensive and complicated method of capital Punishment. In this method, the criminal is tied to a chair in an airtight room. Next to this, harmful and poisonous substances are released in the room. The harmful and poisonous gasses used in this are mainly hydrogen cyanide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

      Even though it has been a long time from when capital Punishment has been implemented, however it is still the subject of debate.

      The main aim of giving punishment to criminals is to make them repent for their mistakes and take them on the right path.

      However, if capital punishment is given in a way of punishment, then there is no way of repenting or correcting their mistakes.

      Irrespective of the debate, one should always be careful to not be in the way of illegal things and always follow the right path even when it seems difficult.

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