Essay on ‘Healthy Food’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Healthy food or a healthy diet is a diet that can provide our body with every essential nutrients and vitamin required by our body.
  • Healthy food is food that can have a positive development of our body organs or whole body.
  • It is very important to consume a healthy diet in order to care for our body and its organs.
  • Eating healthy food has many benefits such as a maintained weight, free from diseases, etc.
  • Eventually, every food item naturally contains some amount of vitamins or minerals, but healthy food is the one that has the proper proportion of vitamins and minerals in it as required by our body.

Essay on ‘Healthy Food’

Why do we eat food?

  • We need to eat food to provide our bodies with energy and essential nutrients and minerals.
  • When we eat food, it is absorbed by our blood and then circulated throughout the body.
  • If our food is healthy, with the right amount of food we can get a good amount of energy for the work to do.
  • Along with enough energy, we can also get the proper amount of essential nutrients and minerals required by our body, and it’s organs to work efficiently.
  • Changing our normal diet with a healthy diet can effectively improve our health.

Categories of healthy food

Our food can be of many varieties. Every category is unique in its own way over others.

  • Vegetables and beans.
  • Fruits.
  • Meat and poultry items.
  • Cereals.
  • Milk and other foods.

          These all are different categories a food can be divided into. All the categories have their own advantages and are essential for proper body development. 

Our diet should be in such a way that it needs to include vegetables along with fruits and poultry items along with little to very little sweetened food items and milk products.

Need for healthy food

The food picked by us should have a sufficient amount of vitamins and the required amount of minerals.

While selecting the diet, there should be less salt along with sugar and sweetened food items.

The diet chosen by us should include a wide range of food items.

A wide range of food items can be helpful by providing different nutrients and minerals to the body.

It is also recommended to eat a colourful diet.

A colourful diet is important because it can be a great help in maintaining a proper diet.

We need all these points to be followed so that we can live a healthy life along with Good health.

These food habits can help individuals to avoid some big diseases such as heart issues, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Eating healthy food should be the only option chosen by us, and it should be the final decision for all of us to avoid unhealthy food items.

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