Essay on ‘Tourism’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Tourism can be defined as the movement of a person or a group of people from one place to another that is not included in their daily routine.
  • It can be within their country or outside the country.
  • Tourism can be applied to the movement done for personal gain or professional use.
  • Tourism has many advantages on the country level as it can provide jobs for many people and many more advantages also.
  • Tourism also allows for communication between people of different countries and communities.
  • There are different types of tourism present.
  • Tourism is a very important means of earning foreign currency for every country as it can boost their economic status.

Essay on ‘Tourism’

      Tourism can be said to the activities done by People to roam at different places that are different environment from their normal daily oneth. It can be to the place within their state or outside the state and within the country, or it can be outside their country.

      This movement can be of a limited period of time. Tourism can be done for the purpose of enjoyment, business use or for the learning aspect. There can be some other uses of tourism also depending upon everyone’s personal interest and their plan.

Advantages of Tourism

  • Tourism is said to have a great effect on the economic status of that state or country.
  • Tourism has a great contribution to the economic status of a country.
  • Tourism can actually provide job opportunities to many people in a wide range of fields and options.
  • Tourism can actually allow the exchange of different currencies earned through Tourism from foreign tourists. This can make extra relations outside the country with extra earning also.
  • Tourism can also improve the infrastructure of that country.
  • Tourism can actually boost the economy of that country also.
  • Tourism can help to localise and increase the Small business with the sense of culture for its own country.

Types of Tourism

  • Tourism has typically three forms of tourism which when combined can give more types of tourism.
  • The three forms are Domestic Tourism, Inbound Tourism, and Outbound Tourism.
  • Domestic Tourism stands for the activity of tourism within one’s own country. It can be said as the tour is done in the same country where they live or reside.
  • Inbound Tourism stands for the activity of tourism done by some outsider to our country. It can be said as any person visiting our country as a tourist.
  • Outbound Tourism stands for the activity of tourism done by travelling outside the country. It can be said as a person travelling outside his or her residential country for tourism.

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