Essay on ‘Peer pressure’ for Grade 4

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Key Points

  • Peer pressure is a term used to describe the pressure faced by someone from their close ones to act in a particular way.
  • Peers are basically those people around you who are close to you and similar to you.
  • The peer can be anyone such as your colleagues from the workplace, your friends of the same age or even any person having any similarity with you.
  • These kinds of people can have a great influence on you.
  • Sometimes they can make you do a kind of work which you would have not done easily, that is only known as peer pressure.
  • Peer pressure can be of many types and every type has a different effect on everyone.

Essay on ‘Peer pressure’

Peers and their influence

  • Peers are those people who share some similarities with you or they can be those people who spend some time with you daily and are mostly of your age.
  • They can be your friends from work or your school. 
  • Peers can also be someone who shares the same interests as you.
  • Peers can have a great effect on the people they stay with.
  • Every person has some effect on the other person with whom they are close.
  • When close people influence you to follow their footsteps or influence you to do something which originally you would have skipped. That kind of pressure is known as peer pressure.
  • It can sometimes be advantageous for the person or sometimes it can actually get you in bad situations.

Types of Peer Pressure

  • Not necessarily peer pressure has to be always bad or always good.
  • Peer pressure can be of two types, positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure.
  • When your peers influence you to do something good, then it is considered positive peer pressure.
  • The best example for this can be said as when your friends ask you to study with them just because you are too lazy to do that alone.
  • Negative peer pressure is said when your peers influence you to do something bad.
  • The best example for this can be said as when your friends ask you to bunk your class with them just because they are getting bored.

Can peer pressure always be influenced?

  • Peer pressure can be given in different forms to the opposite person.
  • Some people can actually talk to you to get you on their terms.
  • Whereas some people can get you in their way by their actions such as teasing or coaxing you with their actions.

      Whenever we hear peer pressure, it should be kept in mind that the result of peer pressure can either be positive or negative and it’s not always negative.

Peer pressure can sometimes help people to move forward in life.

We all have experienced and are still experiencing peer pressure at some point in life.

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