Essay on Women empowerment for Grade 3

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Key Points

  • Women empowerment is basically the empowerment of women or females.
  • This can be done by many methods.
  • Some of the most common methods include the acknowledgement of women, acknowledging the thoughts of women, prioritising women, educating women and many other methods also.
  • Women empowerment can also mean allowing women’s their rights and choices.
  • Women are the pillars of a nation that support the growth of a nation.
  • Empowering them will only benefit the nation from women and strengthen their base.

A woman needs to be self-aware for others to acknowledge their position in society and appreciate them.

  • Women empowerment is very much necessary for the growth of society and for a positive future.

Essay on Women empowerment

Women empowerment is the most important aspect of society that needs the attention of people and requires efforts to improve the situation.

Women can be empowered by five basic ways-

  • A woman can be empowered socially. In this way, a woman can be given a choice to equally take decisions in social situations.
  • A woman can be empowered politically also. Women showing their presence in politics can actually change the course of politics. Women should be given equal rights in political aspects as compared to males.
  • A woman needs to be educated for her own self to be accepted by society. Educational empowerment can help a lot in changing history.
  • Economic empowerment is most required due to the importance of economics nowadays. A woman needs to be self-dependent economically to stand equal to a man.
  • A woman needs to be psychologically strong enough to meet up the desire of other people if ever faced a situation like that. Psychological empowerment affects mental health directly.

   Women face many hardships while living in this society. Some women even get targeted by their husbands and are forced into unethical situations.

   There are many methods used for the empowerment of women such as appreciating their thoughts and accepting their thoughts or acknowledging their ideas, the next method that can be used for the woman acknowledgment is by educating the females or female children.

   Women empowerment of the whole nation is not possible for a single person to do. However, if there are people who are ready to start from their own home, then this dream can be fulfilled.

    Women empowerment is very much needed in today’s world and for our own future benefits.

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