Fairytales Tracing & Coloring Worksheets

Children love to hear fairy tales, which is why we have bought some fairytale tracing and coloring worksheets that will help them in indulging in some fun activities. While they do that, they will also get to learn about the art of drawing and more. These worksheets will act as group fun activities for them when they are with their bunch of friends. So, let’s get started.


Fairytales Tracing & Coloring Worksheets

Tracing and colouring a princess

The first worksheet is of a princess that your kid can trace and color with his favorite colours. While they are colouring you can tell a story to your kid about princesses such as Cinderella, snow-white, Elsa and more who rose to the occasion and achieved what they want.

Tracing and colouring a prince

The next worksheet is that of a prince with an attractive crown on his head. You can narrate some infamous stories such as Aladdin, Hans from Frozen to your kids. They will for sure build some interest in listening to your stories.

Tracing and colouring a king

There are tons of fairy tales that involve kings and their generosity towards their kingdom. You can have your kid familiarize with such beautiful stories while guiding him to trace and color the king in the above worksheet. It will help in inculcating some very good habits in your kid

Tracing and colouring a queen

In this worksheet, there is a queen whom your kid has to trace and color. It is fun doing this. You can help your kid picturise the queen in all of the fairytales that you have told him about. It will help in building the imagination power of your kid.

These are all the worksheets that you can use to do some fun with your kid besides teaching him. The worksheets form a great idea of building some art in your kid without making them bore. So, now that you have all the worksheets, you are all set to teach your kids.

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