Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids

Help your preschooler learn to identify objects and practice coloring skills with these fun and educational worksheets. Perfect for ages 3-5, these worksheets will help children learn basic shapes, colors, and objects.

We as humans are surrounded by things of different kinds. There are different objects all around us. Identifying them is thus important as it shapes our perception of the world. Things like books, birds, candles, sun, lights, doors, and everything that surrounds us differ from one another by their properties such as shape, sizes, and purpose. It is hence essential to differentiate between them.

This worksheet introduces children to different things that surround us in our day-to-day life.

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Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets


Identifying Objects and Coloring Worksheets for Kids
Worksheets for Kids

Start Visual learning with these printable free worksheets for kids. Visual Learning is one of the best forms of learning. It is helpful in developing a child’s ability to learn and excel in different aspects of life. With the help of this worksheet, children would learn to identify objects and associate them with their images. It is curated in such a way that would help them in figure-ground perception and visual memory.

Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids

The task at hand is very simple; children have to color the objects written in the sentence. For example, in the second worksheet, the first exercise says;” I see a dog”. Thus the child has to color the dog given in the worksheet.

Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids

These worksheets would help children to expand their vocabulary and develop perception. They would be able to identify objects while learning about the names of things that we find in our general vicinity in routine life.

Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids

This is the fifth sheet of the lot. We provide several worksheets so that children receive sufficient practice.

Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids

It is required that a child is able to differentiate between a chick and a chicken, a bird and a camel, a burger from mango, and so on. These are the things young kids learn at a young age to have a better understanding of the world.  To tell things apart one has to have an image of the things that they need to describe.

Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids

It asks the child to identify a flower, fan, leaf, fly, and cradle. Explain to your kid the properties and their uses. You can also ask him to memorize the spelling of the words. Though the worksheet is focused on helping the children to identify objects, you can always make use of it in any way you seem fit.

Identifying Objects & Coloring Worksheets for Kids


The objects to be identified range from animals such as snakes, ducks, panda, cow, beetles to inanimate objects such as drums, books, umbrellas, and bananas.

This is the last sheet of this exercise. Here the kid is required to identify a piece of cake, corn, moon, pizza, and a cactus. These are common things yet it is necessary that children have it in their vocabulary and have a general idea of what the words mean.

All of these worksheets are downloadable. Download these to test your kid’s vocabulary and his ability to identify the things around us!


1. Are there age-appropriate worksheets available?

Yes, there are age-appropriate worksheets available. You can find age-appropriate worksheets for children of all ages and abilities. There are worksheets that are designed to help children learn basic skills such as counting, writing, reading, and math. There are also worksheets that are designed to help children develop specific skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Many of these worksheets are available online, making them easy to access and use.

2. How do I teach my kids to identify objects through coloring worksheets?

Coloring worksheets can be a great way to help young children learn to identify objects. Start by presenting the child with a coloring worksheet that has a picture of the object they are trying to identify. Ask the child to name the object and then guide them through the process of coloring the object. As they color, explain each part of the object and how it is similar or different to other objects. Ask questions to test their understanding and help them form an understanding of the object. Once they have finished coloring the object, review it with them and encourage them to practice identifying the object with other worksheets. By giving them the opportunity to practice, they will gain a better understanding of the object and be able to identify it with ease.

3. What are the benefits of using objects and coloring worksheets for kids?

Objects and coloring worksheets are great tools for helping children learn and develop important skills. Using them in combination can help children understand concepts more quickly and cultivate creativity. Here are some of the benefits of using objects and coloring worksheets for kids:

1. Improved Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: By manipulating objects and working through coloring worksheets, children can practice problem-solving skills and learn to think critically.

2. Enhanced Memory and Concentration: By working with both physical and visual elements, children can improve their short-term memory and focus. This can help them remember details like shapes, numbers, and colors.

3. Improved Motor Skills: Manipulating objects and using coloring implements helps children practice fine motor skills, such as holding a pencil or scissors.

4. Creative Expression: Coloring worksheets provide a fun way for children to express their creative side. They can use different colors, shapes, and patterns to make unique works of art.

5. Promotion of Self-Expression: By using objects and coloring worksheets, children can practice expressing themselves in different ways and develop their communication skills.

4. How often should my kids do coloring worksheets?

The frequency with which your kids should do coloring worksheets depends on their age, level of development and interest. For young children, it is recommended to do coloring worksheets once or twice a week. As your child gets older, you can increase the frequency to three or four times a week. It is important to keep in mind that coloring worksheets should be used as part of a larger educational program and should be used in moderation.

5. Are there any tips or tricks to make coloring worksheets more engaging for kids?

Yes, there are several tips and tricks to make coloring worksheets more engaging for kids. First, pick interesting images with lots of details that capture your child’s attention. This can help make coloring more fun and engaging. Second, let your child pick their own colors to use. Allowing them to express their creativity can make the activity more enjoyable. Third, provide them with plenty of materials like crayons, markers, and colored pencils to choose from. Finally, use coloring worksheets to teach a lesson. For example, use a coloring worksheet on animals to teach about different species and their habitats. By mixing fun and education, you can make coloring worksheets an engaging activity for kids.

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