Free Transportation Worksheets for Preschoolers

We have a compilation of free transportation preschool worksheets that will help the kids in learning all about transportation. Transportation helps in reaching the destinations at a considerable amount of time. Transportation also helps in carrying goods. There are various means of transportation. Some of them are mentioned in this article for a clear understanding of preschool for kids.

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Transportation Worksheets for Preschoolers

Water Transportation

You can start with water transport and have your kids encircle all the means that encourage water transportation in the above worksheet. Water transport is a means of transport where people and their belongings or goods travel from one point to another through a watercraft on the water. The transport includes means such as boat, yacht, ship and more and they travel on several bodies of water which includes ocean, sea, canal, river and even lake.

Air Transportation


The next means of transport that your kid needs to learn is air transport. So, print out the above worksheet and guide your kid to encircle the means that can be used in air transport. While you are doing that you can explain to your kid all about air transport. You can start by saying that means that people used to travel from one place to another is known as air transportation.

Land Transportation


Since land transport includes vehicles of numerous sizes and shapes, we have considered two separate worksheets. In this worksheet, we have six means of land transport. You can explain all the transports to your kid while they are doing the activity

In this worksheet, we have another set of vehicles for land transport such as bus, taxi, truck, rickshaw and more. So, what you can do is hand this worksheet to your kid and ask them to circle all the vehicles that are right for land transportation.

These are all that was needed to cover types of transportation. Educating your kids with this will help him have an upper hand in learning. Through this fun worksheet activity, they can understand the concept in a more elaborated manner.

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