Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Counting Worksheets

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Here we are with another set of a fun based learning activity that will help your child boost their knowledge and learn more.


Meet Lucky.  He seems to be confused with his shamrocks. Let us help him count these shamrocks.

In the given activity you are required to fill the missing numbers in the blank. This will help you learn and recall the digits and will help Lucky count his shamrocks.

Rules to keep in mind:-

  • You are helping Lucky and thus you need to say and write
  • Write each number in the given space
  • No scribbling out from the box
  • Help Lucky complete his task.

one two three, go….

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Counting Worksheet

and in this activity we conclude that Lucky has 16 shamrocks.

Let’s continue. Let’s help Lucky count further. All you need to do is continue with the previous counting. What comes after 17?🤔 Do you know?? Help Lucky count these shamrocks.

Well done!!!! You helped Lucky count 32 shamrocks. Wohooo!!!

Lucky is still confused with his shamrocks. Fill in the missing blanks and count the remaining shamrocks.

You are doing great!!

oh oh it’s Forty eight!!

Lucky’s happy now!!


Do you know what’s the time?

’cause Lucky is stuck at forty nine!!

Keep counting and keep filling the blanks. You are doing a great job by helping Lucky calculate.

Is there anything left more?

’cause the number is six four, sixty four.


Poor Lucky. Still stuck at sixty five. But you are doing a great job. Let him count all.


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Lucky is running late. Let’s finish his work. Complete the remaining set. Eight one eighty one, eight two eighty two. Yes! that’s a great number and you remember the digits.

oh that was a great trick

Lucky made you learn till ninety six!!


well done kiddo. 

So we concluded with 96 shamrocks.


what did you learn today?

counting?? Oh yes, you learnt counting in such a fun and playful way. Imagine Lucky, being so happy that someone helped him complete his counting the shamrocks.


We are here to provide you with the best of services we can. We make learning easy and better for your child. The things we learn when we are happy stays till the end. We are here to help you and your young one in any possible way to make their studies easier and more beneficial. As always said, knowledge is not just learning but actually acquiring, conquering and then implementing it later in the long run.

Kidpid tries to help your child in any way possible.

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