Snow Flake Drawing Worksheets for Kids

Drawing is something that everyone has enjoyed doing as a kid. For kids drawing is a fun activity and it is what they enjoy the most. It is a basic fundamental skill through which they learn to hold a pen and put their imaginative thoughts on paper. We must teach them how to draw and improvise their skills. There are some interactive worksheets given below that will help the kids in drawing.


Snow Flake Drawing Worksheets for Kids

Snow Flake Worksheet 1

In this one, the kids have to use the grid in the background to draw the other half. They can use pencil and scale to draw the lines and curves. While drawing the snowflake they will learn how to draw lines and small circles.

Snow Flake Worksheet 2

Here in this one, they will learn to draw lines and some shapes. They will have to practice making the bigger circle with freehand.

Snow Flake Worksheet 3

Now in this one is a little complicated than the previous ones. The kids might not be able to draw it the first time, but it will keep them engaged to learn how to draw the other half of the snowflake.


Snow Flake Worksheet 4

This one is quite easy until your kids are comfortable with drawing freehand circles. If not they will learn how to draw them while doing this worksheet.

Snow Flake Worksheet 5

As we come on to the next one, this worksheet is quite simple to draw. The kids have to deal with few circles and pattern lines.

Snow Flake Worksheet 6

This one might look complicated at first, but it is easy when the kids will attempt to draw. In this worksheet, we mostly have a line to join making the snowflake pattern.

As we come to the end, we now know, how the kids learn the fundamental skills from eye-hand coordination to motor skills. Teach them to draw step by step and they will do great. Your kids will be able to develop new ideas and reciprocate to learning.

Now, All you need to do is print and give them to your child.

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