Fruits Connect the Dot Worksheets for Kids

Use these fruits to connect the dot worksheets for kids to understand how much they have understood about fruits and some creativity. Fruits are very beneficial for our body and consuming them on a daily basis can help our body in various ways by enriching it with all the essential nutrients. Therefore, today in this article we have bought you a wide collection of connect the dots worksheet that will result in the creation of some beautiful and healthy fruits. So, let’s get started.

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Fruits Connect the Dot Worksheets


Apple is a very nutritious food that helps in keeping the body healthy. Help your kid familiarize with the famous quote ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ with some fun connecting the dots worksheet. This will let the creativity in your kid out and they can enjoy while doing this.


Apricot is rich in vitamins that will help in promoting eye health along with providing some essential hydration. Apricot is also high in antioxidants and potassium. Therefore, teach your kid how consuming apricot is necessary for health and help them understand this connects the dot worksheet.



Avocados form the right source for fiber and it is insanely nutritious. They even have more potassium than bananas itself. So, helping your kid understand the benefits and the miracles avocados
can do to skin will really prove fruitful but do that with some creativity with the connect the dot sheet provided above.


Bananas are great supporters for a healthy heart and they contain some pretty powerful antioxidants. Bananas play their respective part in providing energy for doing the work. You can use these metrics to teach your kid the importance of having bananas on an average daily basis by helping him connect the dot worksheet and explaining the process along the way.


Blackberry provides vitamin K along with this it is also rich in manganese. Additionally, having blackberries can promote oral health to a very good level. These fruits too are rich in fiber and are all intact with Vitamin C. So, these are benefits you can teach your kid while he is connecting the dots.


These are antioxidants rich fruits that are also rich in potassium and vitamin C. Consuming this will also lower the risk of deadly disease such as heart disease and cancer. They will increase the metabolism if they are consumed in small portions. So, play connect the dots with your kid and help him in drawing the blueberry and make sure you are teaching your kid all the beautiful benefits of having these

Bread Fruit

Bread fruit is composed of all kinds of good nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, carbohydrates, potassium and more. In a way, a breadfruit is a total package of all the right and needed nutrients. Since, these are so good you need to help your kid in familiarizing with this fruit.

Carambola Starfruit

This is a type of fruit which will help in providing a good night sleep and it contains low calories, carbs and sugar which make it right for consumption. So, teach your kid about carambola starfruit through the above connect the dots worksheet.


Cherries are very nutritious for the body and are a good source of fibre, minerals and vitamins. Along with that cherries are also known to have antioxidant properties. You can use these points to make your kid understand and along with this you can seek the creative way by handing connect the dot worksheet of cherry to your kid


Cranberries are an ace in improving the eyesight. So when your kid will have a good eye sight he will be able to read and hence correctly correct. Explain it to him or her while you are helping him in connecting the dot on the worksheet of cranberry just like the one above.


Coconut is another essential that your kid should consume constantly for attaining a healthy body. Print out the above connect the dot worksheet and use it to teach your child the benefits of


These are easy to consume and strengthen bones. Apart from that they also help in the promotion of brain health and fighting against disease. These are some solid points that you can use to explain while you hand over the printable connect the dot page of the fruit date to your kid.

Dragon Fruit

This is a fat free fruit that strengthens the immune system and keeps the body healthy by acting as the source of fiber. Since it is a very healthy fruit, you can use it as reference to create a connect the date worksheet just like the above image to teach your kid.


Help your kid play connect the dots of the fruit durian because it is a fruit that helps in preventing the cause of most kinds of disease such as cardiovascular disease and all. The fruit also helps
in strengthening the bones and improving digestion.


The next connect the dots idea in the fruit category is the elderberry. The elderberry helps in taming the inflammation along with this, it has some exceptional quality antioxidants and vitamins properties. Elderberries are also known to have prevented the symptoms of cold and flu.


These fruits are known to be an ace source of calcium and potassium. These are soluble types of fibre too along with the sugars and minerals. So, you can choose fig as to be the next idea for connecting the dots creativity for your kid.


Gooseberry is another idea that you can use for connecting the dots worksheet because it protects the brain and is rich in antioxidants. Gooseberry is also good for the heart and so you need to make them understand why it is good to consume these daily through some creativity of performing connect the dots worksheet.


Grapes have vitamin C and K intact in them. They have other characteristics that help in fighting deadly disease and this is the reason why it is necessary to teach a kid about the beauty and effect of grapes. So get ready with some connected dots worksheet to teach your kid about the same.


Grapefruit is another fruit idea that you can use for connecting the dots challenge. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins C and is low in calories which makes it right for consumption. It promotes an efficient working of the immune system too besides controlling the appetite in the right way.


Guava is the right product for boosting immunity along with improving the digestive system. It also boosts a healthy heart and this is why you should teach your kid about this exceptionally great fruit. Do so by connecting the dot worksheet with your child with some fun.

These are all the collections of ideas that we had regarding some fun connect the dots worksheet of fruits that you can use to teach your kid and have them know why they should eat these. Now that you have all the ideas you need, you are all set to teach your kid with some creativity.

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