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Learning is an important part of every child’s life. Building a strong foundation base at a very young is very important for the growth of children as it helps them, in their further grades. Getting knowledge about the basic things that children encounter in their day-to-day life is very important. Keeping this thing in mind?KIdopid is here with the amazing study material that helps children to learn about various furniture items in their house. The study material includes a  worksheet of colorful furniture flashcards.

These flashcards contain names of multiple furniture items along with their beautiful vibrant animated pictures. These pictures help to reduce the possibility of creating any kind of confusion in a child’s mind and make their learning more effective. These flashcards are easily printable and are the best and most affordable technique to create willingness in a child for studies. This study material is perfectly suitable for the kids of pre -primary and first grade.

To make them look cooler and attractive you can print these flashcards on a glossy A4 size sheet. Son let your child enjoy this amazing learning journey with Kipid’s furniture flashcard sheet.

Furniture Flashcard

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Furniture Flashcard Sheets

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