Mouse Animal Facts for Kids


Mouse Animal Facts for Kids

Home mouse

The ordinary home mouse is considered of as a pest. They are established in the houses of humans.

Deer mouse

These are not mice either, or only distantly connected. These mice reside in woods. They can sprint and hop far better than mice. Therefore, they get their general name from this feature.

The hostile grasshopper mouse hardly ever hunt other mice, but it does feed on insects.


The deer mouse builds its home exterior in hollow tree or heap of trash. They are nocturnal that means they stay awake at night and rest in their nests throughout the day. They also make use of their nests to upbring their babies and to safeguard them against unfavourable weather. When a deer mouse enters interior region, it favour a silent places, such as attics.


In environment, mice are mostly herbivores which means they do not consume meat, feeding on any type of fruit or grain from plants and trees. Although, mice adjust well to city and are popular for consuming almost all kind of food bits. These diets are nutritious, but they still need a huge types of vegetables and fruits.

Mouse As pets

Many human purchase mice as associate pets. They can be frisky, adorable and can developed used to being controlled. Masculine mice be inclined to have a powerful scent than the females. However, mice are cautious groomers and as pets they never require shower. Nice-looking -after mice can make unique pets. Some generally used mouse care products are:

Cage –

Usually a hamster cage, but a different kinds of special mouse cages are now available in the market. Most should have a unbreakable door.

Food –

Special beaded and seed-based food is accessible. Mice can commonly consume most rodent food which are for rats, mice, hamsters, etc.

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