How does a spider make a web?

Have you ever visited any abandoned place and found multiple spider webs on it? Well, what is the process and reason behind that web, we will learn it through this article.



  • Spider belongs to the kingdom Animalia and class Arachnida.
  • Spider are found to be air-breathing animals associated with eight legs.
  • Spider have their jaws along with fangs that are specially modified to inject venom and spinnerets that can extrude silk. (Extrude- thrust out).
  • Spiders can be found on every continent with exceptional to the Antarctica.
  • Spiders are known to have a segmented body with jointed limbs all covered in a tough yet flexible outer covering made up of chitin.
  • Spiders can be found in a great range of sized depending upon their species, the smallest size is about 0.37 mm in body length, whereas the largest measures 90 mm in length approx.

How does a spider make a web?

  • Spider makes their web by the use of silk produced by them.
  • Silk used for building of web is strong like steel but even thinner than the hair, it is elastic in nature also.
  • The prime function of spiders web is to provide both protection as well as serve as a trap for insects.
  • The vibrations passed through the web can alert spider of any intruder, or the web can prove as a cage for other small insects providing the spider with its food.
  • Spider has the special ability to transform liquid silk into threads in its special gland.
  • This can be achieved by pulling the silk through spinnerets. Spinnerets are the silk producing glands specially present in spiders. They are present on the abdominal region.
  • Once the thread is started, then it is floated to another tree or the next place with the help of air or breeze.
  • From this, spider than start building its web with multiple steps for its target to get trapped.

Fun Facts:

  1. Some particular spiders are known to see the ultraviolet light, which is not possible for a human eye to see.
  2. Female spiders are known to lay 3000 eggs at once.
  3. Jumping spiders can jump about 50 times higher times than their height so as to escape any predator.

Related Questions:

  1. Name some species of spiders.
  2. Who are the predators of spider?
  3. Spider feed on which animals?

True or False:

  1. Spiders are known to live in water.
  2. Spider belong to the kingdom Plantae.
  3. Spider can make its web by producing insulin threads.
  4. Silk thread is very weak and thick.
  5. Spider web can provide both protection as well as a trap foe insects.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Spider web is made up of ______.
    1. Silk.
    2. Insulin.
    3. Potassium.
    4. Cotton.
  2. Spider web can be used for _________.
    1. Protection from any predator.
    2. As a trap for small insects.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  3. Spiders are known to have ________.
    1. Two legs.
    2. Three legs.
    3. Six legs.
    4. Eight legs.
  4. Spiders cannot be found on _______.
    1. Asia.
    2. Antarctica.
    3. Europe.
    4. All of the above.
  5. The tough and flexible outer covering of spider is made up of ________.
    1. Cartilage.
    2. Potassium.
    3. Chitin.
    4. Ligament.

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