How do spiders make webs?

How do spiders make webs

Spiders produce silk from specialized glands located at the rear of their abdomen. By pulling the silk out with their legs, they can create intricate web patterns for trapping prey or for other purposes. The silk hardens upon exposure to air, forming the strong, flexible threads that make up the web.



1. How do spiders begin to make their web?

A. By jumping from one place to another
B. By gluing the starting thread to a surface
C. By blowing bubbles
D. By laying a single thread between two objects


2. What is the purpose of a spider’s web?

A. To play with other spiders
B. To catch prey
C. To decorate their surroundings
D. To make clothes for themselves


3. Which part of the spider’s body produces the silk for webs?

A. Legs
B. Mouth
C. Abdomen
D. Eyes


4. What is the first step in web construction for many spiders?

A. Creating a spiral pattern
B. Making the frame
C. Decorating the web
D. Catching a first meal


5. What type of web do orb-weaver spiders create?

A. Tangled
B. Sheet-like
C. Funnel-shaped
D. Circular or spiral


6. How do spiders prevent themselves from sticking to their webs?

A. By wearing tiny shoes
B. By only walking on the non-sticky strands
C. By flying over the web
D. By covering themselves in oil


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