How Many Trees Are There?

Trees are essential to our planet; they give us oxygen, store carbon, filter groundwater, sustain our ecosystem, and give life to wildlife. Being the longest living species on earth they give us the link to our past, present, and future. Forests are home to 80% of terrestrial species and 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood. They provide us with materials for tools, shelters, and fulfill many other requirements.


Role in the water cycle

Trees release vapour through the pores in their leaves in a process known as transpiration, thus, resulting in rainfall.

Reduce temperature

When trees lose moisture, they reflect heat upwards from their leaves. This helps to bring down the temperature.

Climate change

Tress can fight climate change by absorbing all the excess carbon out of the air and reduce the rate of global warming.

Prevents natural calamities

Trees help in preventing floods and soil erosion and they can easily absorb thousands of litres of storm-water.

Beneficial to health

The canopies of trees act like a filter that absorb dust and absorbs pollutants from the air. They provide shade and reduce noises. Research shows that the more we are surrounded by greenaries our stress level comes down more effectively.

Home to wildlife

Trees give life to wildlife; they offer habitation and food to the vast majority of species. Without trees, wildlife won’t be able to survive.

Final thoughts

As mankind keeps developing, our environment keeps getting tormented. In the past 50 years, 17& of the Amazon has disappeared and Sumatra has lost 85% of its forests. Annually, we lose 15 billion. It was estimated that 15% of greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation. The decrease in trees leads to less rain, soil erosion, increase in temperature, more pollution, and thus results in global warming.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It is not.”

Quoted by our favourite tree lover, Lorax, a character by Dr. Seuss. Our only saviour is trees, without them, our world will be doomed. Unless and until we don’t act on saving trees, it will be too late. If you want to change, be the change, plant a tree, save the world!

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